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Yoursay: PM, teach Trump a lesson and cancel the Boeing purchase

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YOURSAY | ‘Najib should warn his buddy that he will withdraw his help to build US economy.’

We'll not budge even if our bodies are cut into pieces, vows PM

Hearty Malaysian: PM Najib Razak should not boast like an Islamic State (IS) fighter but should hold meaningful dialogue with US President Donald Trump over the Palestinian issue.

It is hypocritical that Najib who pledged to support the US economy a few months ago in a White House visit is now screaming to sacrifice oneself for the cause of the Palestinian statehood.

We ask Najib to withdraw his pledge to help the US economy instead.

Vijay47: Once again, we have our fearless Bugis warrior exhorting the faithful to protect Palestine "even if our bodies are cut to pieces" just like he urged Umno members to defend Putrajaya "even if our bodies are crushed".

Israel must be cowering or laughing at this clown from the Far East. This is surely the stuff that dreams and Hindi movies are made of.

What a pity his clarion call to arms was blown rather late; had it been earlier, Salman Khan could have used it in his latest hit, "Tiger Zinda Hai".

But Najib, your heroism seems limited to moments when you are away from MPs Tony Pua or Rafizi Ramli and only in front of a cast of paid supporters.

Where is such bravery when it comes to answering questions about your involvement in 1MDB? How is it that when Nothing2Hide 1 and 2 were mooted, you fled from the scene?

You keep repeating that Trump is your "good friend". Has he returned the compliment? Did I say "Tiger Zinda Hai"? It should be "Chicken Zinda Hai".

Hang Babeuf: Cutting bodies into pieces, blowing them apart into smithereens: all part of the dominant national political imagination, it would seem.

Quigonbond: Yes, a typical jaguh kampung (village champion).

He will have to say something conciliatory later when Trump drops him a note saying Malaysia's name has come up on that name list of 128 (who voted against the US at the United Nations), and that he is expediting FBI's investigation into Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) and 1MDB. 

Goldee: Najib should warn his buddy Trump that he will withdraw his support to help build the US economy and fulfil Trump's dream in making America great again if he recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
I believe Trump will shiver in his pants.

Najib: I'll never sacrifice sanctity of Islam for 'good friend' Trump

Puzzling: I am really very, very angry with Trump for his disrespect and the way he treated our beloved prime minister, his very good friend, during the PM's visit to the White House recently.

The perception I got when watching the televised meeting was like a master listening to a report by an obedient servant.

He did not show any gratitude at all when our PM offered so many goodies to help him develop the US economy. I will never forgive Trump for treating our most honourable prime minister the way he did.

Vijay47: You must have been praying really hard, Najib, and it looks like at least some of your prayers have been answered.

The Jerusalem-recognition issue must be a god-sent to you as it again gives you the opportunity to embark on another of your hysterical saliva-spewing, eye-popping speeches to defend one cause or the other.

Just a week ago, you were breathing fire and brimstone at the Umno assembly warning all about the DAP threat, the dragon waiting to devour the Malay race.

And today, you again sally bravely into battle, this time to save the religion.

And to ensure that nobody overlooks your so-called defence of Islam, you will be repeating your performance every third Friday of the month.

Is this a promise until the "liberation" of Jerusalem, Palestine, and Penang, or only until the elections?

Great act, Najib. Too bad nobody buys it.

Tony Soprano: Prominent Saudis also never sacrifice the "sanctity" of Islam.

In 2015, five Saudi nationals, including a member of the royal family, Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdulaziz, were arrested in Beirut for allegedly attempting to smuggle two tons of Captagon, an amphetamine popular in the Middle East.

He and nine others were charged with drug smuggling in November 2015, according to Reuters. His trial is currently proceeding in Lebanon.

Slumdog: When somebody is a nobody on the world stage but known for his involvement in the 1MDB scandal which has been referred to a “kleptocracy at its worse”, Najib has to bolster his standing amongst his Umno followers and kampung folks by constantly referring to his friendship with his “good friend” Trump.

Anonymous_1404802125: I'm very proud of our beloved PM. Let's stop the purchase of the Boeing planes and military hardware from the US immediately. Let’s teach Trump a lesson.

Anonymous #59082512: So Najib, still want to make America great again with our money from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF)? 

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