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Yoursay: Non-Muslims pay taxes, but can’t be in Hadi’s cabinet

YOURSAY | ‘It's good that PAS has finally revealed its true colours.’

PAS: Hadi's 'Muslim-only cabinet' rule not absolute

Hearty Malaysian: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement of cabinet posts are reserved for Malay-Muslims is a race supremacist ideology.

He is dangerously promoting racial segregation and ultimately racial persecution in this country.

It seems party information chief Nasrudin Hassan is trying to do damage control. One wonders if PAS is slowly promoting ethnic cleansing as its ultimate goal. Hadi should be charged with sedition.

Anonymous #33227154: It's good that PAS has finally revealed its true colours – it is a racist and extremist party. They want to make Malaysia a Taliban state, where PAS will rule like dictators.

Muslims under this kind of rule will also suffer, and their rights and freedom will be taken away. So choose and vote carefully, and think of your children’s future.

David Dass: Indeed, this is a further push for the Islamic State. PAS identifies what they consider the essential features of an Islamic state and bit by bit they push for acceptance of such ideas.

Non-Muslims make up more than 40 percent of our population. Are the 40 percent to be denied representation in the government? As it is, non-Malay civil servants and armed forces personnel number less than five percent of the total.

We should learn some lessons from the Middle East. The number of Christians in each of the countries of the Middle East grows less and less each year. Growing intolerance of Christian communities has resulted in an exodus of Christians to the West.

The more we allow such views to take hold in various quarters in the country, the more we alarm the non-Muslims of this country. Unfortunately, we do not hear any reassuring statements from government ministers.

Abasir: "Wizarah al-tafwidh, wizarah al-tanfidz..." The ragheads running PAS are now boldly acknowledging that Bahasa Malaysia is woefully inadequate as a language of governance and more importantly, totally alien to Islam.

So apart from enforcing desert attire on all and sundry, these aberrants are likely to insist on Arabic for all government transactions and communication once they form their Islamic state.

Corrupt practices, like the one demonstrated by the nationalists in 1MDB, are likely to get a free pass. After all, one should retain some bits of what is close to the heart.

Vijay47: By the way, you PAS clowns, are you referring to positions in the Saudi government or in Malaysia? What's with this constant usage of Arabic terms in place of Malay or English, which has worked fine for us all these years?

Perhaps Arabic is going to be our official language? Help, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, we need your help!

Quigonbond: What if the most influential Malaysian is neither a Malay nor a Muslim? Why can't Malaysians be open minded to have the best person of whatever race or religion lead them?

And why is it so unique that it's not just who is a Muslim but also a Malay? The Malay criteria surely cannot be found in the Quran, and is clearly an invention of PAS.

Léon Moch: Nasruddin is trying to make things "better" by saying that Hadi didn't mean that all cabinet members must be Muslim, but rather, he's saying that non-Muslims will be relegated to a limited few less critical portfolios.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Not only is Hadi's suggestion unconstitutional and probably unlawful, it is also seditious. Why not go further and deprive non-Muslims the right to vote based on your distorted views of Islam?

By the same token in Sarawak, does the Christian majority have the right to relegate the minority Muslims in the state to second-class status?

Hadi and his Wahhabi-inspired view of Islam is going to destroy the party in GE14. No sane voter, Muslim or not, is going to support a radical and racist party that behaves as if it is Allah's representative on earth.

Proarte: Such nonsensical Islamic garbage coming from Muslim leaders. They are turning Muslims away from Islam and reinforcing the widespread perception that Islam has no role to play in the modern civilised world.

Susah Kes: Guess what? Come tomorrow, MCA and Gerakan leaders will still be inspired to blame DAP. After all, this is how the Umno minions play the game.

What these Umno sycophants perennially fall to recognise is that, with BN’s component parties’ tacit support, Hadi’s doctrine is moving the country towards a black hole of religious and racial radicalism, the likes of which our founding fathers would have never imagined.

Couple that with Umno extending Hadi a playing field in which, he could do according to his whims and fancies (if only because the former is depending on the latter to pull in the Malay votes), then there is only one verdict that this would allow us to arrive at: we know who sold out this country’s soul.

MCA and Gerakan are to be the most blamed; for in their infatuation with positions of power, they sold out big time by failing to check Umno’s hegemony, and by extension, the rise of Hadi’s bigoted extremism.

Hadi, the politically incorrect face of Malay supremacy

David Dass: The non-Muslims are citizens. They are equal to everyone else under our Constitution. They pay taxes. They have a right to be in government. As they have a right to vote for whomever they please in our democratic elections.

It is not for Chinese leaders of MCA and Gerakan to bring in the Chinese votes. It is for the BN government to demonstrate that they are a fair, just and honest government looking after the welfare of all the citizens of this country. That will bring in the votes.

Hadi is, of course, exploiting what he considers an opportunistic moment. His party is being wooed by both sides. He is being both Malay nationalist as well as Islamist. He is pushing us bit by bit to a state ruled by syariah and by Muslims for Muslims. And non-Muslims, bye and bye. Where is the resistance?

Slumdog: Hadi cannot be accused of political correctness because he blabs what is in his mind without thinking of the impact of his comments. He is only a man of average intelligence who is consumed by his religion, that’s all that matters.

He is a one-issue politician, Islam. He is not a statesperson by any stretch of the imagination. He is an intellectual pigmy, devoid of the knowledge of world affairs, finance, economy, and good governance.

Worse still, he cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, moral and immoral behaviour, corruption and honesty.

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