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ANALYSIS | Bersatu's position to lead the charge for Pakatan Harapan in Johor in the 14th general election has been solidified with the finalisation of the coalition's state-level seat negotiations.

However, the Umno-splinter party's presence in Harapan has significantly changed how Johor has been divided among the opposition parties, compared with the 2013 general election.

In 2013, the then three-party pact Pakatan Rakyat saw PAS contesting 31 seats, DAP 14, and PKR 12.

Up until the point Bersatu joined Harapan, it was assumed that Amanah, being the offshoot of PAS, would take up all of the Islamist party's seats.

However, the Harapan state seat negotiations in Johor ended with Bersatu taking up most of the seats PAS contested in GE13, with 15, while PKR took another five, leaving Amanah with 11 of its predecessor's seats.

The only gain Amanah made is in Kemelah, which it took from PKR.

Bersatu has also taken three seats that PKR contested...

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