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Indira: 'My daughter can remain Muslim, I just want her back in my arms'
Published:  Feb 1, 2018 4:21 AM
Updated: 4:59 AM

M Indira Gandhi has said that she does not mind if her youngest daughter Prasana Diksa chooses to remain a Muslim, despite the Federal Court ruling to annul the child’s unilateral conversion to Islam.

“I don’t mind what religion my Prasana chooses. She can remain a Muslim if she likes.

“All I want is to have her back in my arms. I don’t know what she looks like now. Only the time she was a baby.

“Isn’t this unfair to me as her mother? To have her taken away from me without my knowledge?

“Religion is her personal choice. I won’t interfere or force. I only want my child back. Please do not use religion to separate us,” Indira said, as reported by the Malay Mail Online today.

Indira was responding to reports that the Malaysian Association of Muslim Scholars (PUM) had urged the police to stop pursuing her ex-husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah who had abducted Prasana nine years ago.

Religious conflict and violence may break out in the country if the police were to continue their pursuit of  Riduan and Prasana, PUM reportedly said in a Facebook post.

In the same posting, the group had purportedly also said that Indira’s three children, who had been unilaterally converted to Islam, should not be allowed to convert back to Hinduism.

The Facebook post has since been removed.

In a landmark ruling on Monday, the Federal Court had decided to annul the children’s unilateral conversion in clarifying that the interpretation of the word “parent” in Article 12(4) of the Federal Constitution meant both the father and mother of the child.


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