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Yoursay: Yes, Najib's silence on 1MDB scandal is very elegant

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YOURSAY | 'Tell him to answer questions in Parliament and not to hide behind the speaker.'

Salleh: Najib remains civil despite foes murdering his elegant character

Anonymous #44199885: PM Najib Razak’s character and reputation would have been above reproach even if he made some mistakes or bad judgments in administering this country and the economy.

But when he as PM fails to put his foot down and end the political shenanigans of extremists in this country who are bent on driving a wedge between the different races and religions, when he fails to honour his pledge to listen to the people and end big government, when he is seen cavorting with the very people who behave like thugs, bigots and racists who advance a policy to divide this country, when he particularly fails to clear his name with respect to the misappropriation of 1MDB funds and when he hides independent reports relating to it and fires or changes the very people in charge of institutions to protect our democracy and national integrity, he opens himself up to justified assault on his character.

As the communications and multimedia minister, Salleh Said Keruak, should know better.

Truthseeker: Salleh, why don't you ask Najib why he fired his deputy prime minister and why former attorney-general was "retired" suddenly for “health reasons”?

Tholu: Is berating a very elderly statesman with words such as "kepala bapak kau" a trait of a person with an elegant personal character?

Is referring to former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad as “orang itu”, “pemimpin yang pernah berkuasa 22 tahun”, “pemimpin lama” and such disrespectful words a dignified display of a person of praiseworthy character?

Birds of a feather flock together. Salleh, if to you such name calling is a behaviour of a highly cultivated person, then you are no less an unrefined person than him.

Freethinker: Najib courteous and civic? Tell him to answer questions in Parliament and not to hide behind the speaker.

AJ: I remember the elegant Malaysian Official 1’s (MO1) shocked and stunned silent demeanour just after the discovery of huge sums of money in his bank account. It wasn't elegant at the time.

Vijay47: Salleh, please pardon my long silence in responding to your poetic description of history.  As usual, I am always at a loss for words after reading the exquisite comments and profound statements you deliver to the eager world.

Awed as I am over the listing of politicians who came to sorry ends, perhaps there are certain words you should avoid in the Malaysian context, even if singing those matchless paeans to Najib's praiseworthy characteristics.

For one, you should never use "murder and assassination", not in the same breath anyway. Secondly, while you mentioned the Roman and Mughal empires, there was nary a word on imperial powers further to the distant East.

I heard that Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes were quite the terrors in their time. But what do I know about ancient history? I can remember only recent events!

Negarawan: I am quite concerned why Salleh is suddenly talking at length about political assassinations.

Is there some sinister plan going on? We have seen many enforced disappearances in recent months. Malaysia is a failed and lawless state. Anything is possible, especially under a politically desperate kleptocracy.

Hplooi: A thief is still a thief, gentleman or otherwise. But Salleh’s use of the succession problem in the Roman Empire and the Mughal era, points to a shocking misunderstanding of history.

It is precisely the lack of an orderly 'succession plan' that many royalist regimes (the old order or ancien régime) became mired in bloody successions.

Modern democracy has evolved to provide for orderly succession while at the same time allowing regimes which have grown corrupt to be replaced by popular will (the ‘façon et principe ancienne’ will be by revolution and by a nebulous doctrine of 'will of heaven').

Quigonbond: If being civil includes jailing people for trumped-up charges, His Majesty's Opposition wins hands down.

Even when oppressed to this extent, they haven't resorted to months-long mass demonstrations to topple the government, still trying to win elections using a broken system.

That's not only civil, that's strength of character when lesser beings would have given up opposition politics long ago.

VGV: Salleh, under what category do you place Najib on "his elegant personal character"?

How do you explain it, Salleh, as many of us are baffled by your praise? To many of us, we feel that he is "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

Interestingly, despite being bombarded with all sorts of slander, Najib remains civil and courteous in defending himself from the attacks of his political rivals, said Salleh.

Najib being the PM should explain to his political rivals about the allegations levelled at him. It's no use if Najib remains civil, courteous and silent.

Let him tell the truth and lambast all his political rivals to clear the allegations. Speak up, Najib, so that your elegant character is not tarnished.

Salvage Malaysia: Politics should never be based on character assassination. It should be based on which party has the upper hand in using policies to govern and grow a country better.

Emphasise on education, healthcare, housing, economic growth, racial unity, religious tolerance, etc.

Ipohcrite: This is a first time I hear a minister of a country describing a kleptocrat as a person of elegant character.

I weep at the thought of how far down the slippery slope our beloved nation has slid, no thanks to MO1 and ministers like Salleh.

I'm Watching You!: Yet another fake news!


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