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Yoursay: MCMC should probe Umno for ‘fake news’ on Kuok

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YOURSAY | Tajuddin's false and fake claim will only rouse the ire of voters.

Don't forget you owe BN your success, Umno man warns Kuok

Lamborghini: Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok, like a lot of children of immigrants, worked hard and used his skills and knowledge and intelligence to build his business empire.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Tajuddin Abdul Rahman and people like him, talk nonsense because they are what they are and enjoy what they have because of "kulitfication", "angkat kakism" and playing the religious and racial card to be "jaguh kampung".

Their "success" is based on handouts and freeloading, not their own hard work; they don't understand the meaning of honest hard work and skilful employment of intelligence and business sense to maximise opportunities.

They have a sense of entitlement based on skin colour and perverted sense of being "tuan" of the land. His warning to Kuok reeks of arrogance based merely on allegations by a discredited overseas blogger.

StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: “Umno supreme council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, who claimed the Hong Kong-based billionaire's wealth was made due to the policies and administration of BN...".

Tajuddin, on the flimsy and unsupported "basis" of one Raja Petra Kamarudin’s (RPK) unproven spewing, you have launched this public and viperous accusation against another Malaysian.

What is the intention of your warning? What is your motive? Anyway, many people succeed through sheer hard work, despite not because of the government's policies.

Can you see that many, except those who are favoured, swim hard against the stream to make proud gains? Can't you acknowledge that so many who have succeeded, have succeeded by working twice, three, four times as hard despite the odds stacked against them?

When a democratically-elected government enacts good policies, it is merely doing its job. Government servants ought to be grateful to the people for the honour of administering the country. That is a privilege; not a right to threaten.

FellowMalaysian: Kuok had in his recent memoirs related how nationalistic fervour has influenced his many past business strategies and decision-making.

In one that particularly stood out, he explained how during a time when there was a crisis in the commodities market and the prices of flour were in a flux, he immediately saw an opportunity to make a huge amount of profits and gains.

But instead of making more money by setting up milling plants in Europe, he brought the grains back here and saved the government multi-millions of dollars.

This one incidence itself will debunk Tajuddin's claim that Kuok had benefited from BN. The truth is it was the government that Kuok has helped and BN should be enormously thankful for his magnanimous gesture.

Tajuddin's false and fake claim will only rouse the ire of voters.

Vijay47: Reading Tajuddin’s sermon on the hidden virtues of gratitude prompted me to take stock of my own life and this is what I ascertained - I went to school, studied hard and did well. I started work, performed well and was promoted, a double promotion, if you don't mind.

I got married, raised a family and earned enough to see that all my children graduated without any scholarship from JPA, Felda, or Mara, thank you very much. We lived comfortably but never had quinoa, the closest being quinine which I bought in error.

Then I took up a profession, still worked hard and did pretty well. Where in all this am I required to show gratitude to Umno? And who the expletive-deleted hell are you to dictate who anyone should support or not?

And so what if I support DAP, Pakatan Harapan, or Israel's Likud Party? And what expletive-deleted warning are you giving? Send Jamal Md Yunos? The only thing Umno members like you are good for is to stand ‘tepi jalan’, hand out begging.

Let us in a moment of lemming-like insanity concede that you are right at least on point one. The nation’s wealthiest list shows Robert Kuok, Quek Leng Chan, Ananda Krishnan, and at No 9, Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary with his beggarly US$2.2 billion. Where are the rest of the rich Malays?

Are you suggesting, Tajuddin, that in the 60 years of Umno rule you could create only one Malay super-rich and that your efforts were towards making billionaires out of sundry Chinamen?

Gasp - Umno must be a total failure! Oh, even if you included the Fat Chinaman and an equally obese housewife with diamonds.

Doc: Indeed, if BN/Umno made Kuok Malaysia's richest man, how come they failed to make a Malay person Malaysia's richest man?

Then again, the Malays that were enriched by Umno technically cannot declare their assets as they made their billions from "donations".

FairMind: You claim that Kuok owes his successes to BN. Was BN also in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, mainland China, Indonesia, Fiji and Australia, where he too made his successes?

People with crutches mentality can never understand that successes are derived from the merit of hard work, good business acumen and risk taking.

Or was it the other way around - BN owes its success to rich Chinese businessmen, the likes of Kuok who built up their businesses and undertook all the risk only to be taken over by these BN cronies and leeches?

Anonymous_b5d32dd2: For every Malaysian that is successful, Umno wants to claim credit. How about those that went bankrupt? By the same logic, it is also Umno policies.

Such a stupid Umno minister. You don't give warning to people before you confirm the allegation by RPK is true or not.

James: Tajuddin, you better make up your mind now as to whether Umno has given Geely the control of Proton or Geely is coming to rescue Proton from collapsing?

By the way, Geely is the largest single shareholder of Daimler, it owns Volvo car, and a significant stake of Volvo Truck, as well as having majority control of Lotus.

Geely needs Umno or Malaysia needs Geely?


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