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The harder I worked, the more votes I lost, deputy minister quips

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INTERVIEW | Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Razali Ibrahim has a tough road ahead of him in the forthcoming 14th general election.

The three-term Muar MP has seen a sharp drop in his majority in the last two elections, despite his higher profile as a deputy minister since 2009.

Taking this in stride, Razali said the drop in votes was not a reflection of his own personal achievements or popularity, but instead a reflection of the strong anti-government sentiments at the time.

Razali first contested and won the semi-urban seat in 2004, the year that BN achieved its strongest ever election results.

"When I contested in 2004, I had no contributions to the people of Muar, they did not know me.

"I was 33, and I won with a 13,415-vote majority," Razali told Malaysiakini in an interview in his constituency on Saturday...