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Yoursay: ‘MCA, Nazri not to blame for your woes’

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YOURSAY | ‘The Chinese couldn't care less if Nazri apologises.’

MCA Wanita jumps into fray, warns Nazri could hurt BN's chances

Wira: MCA Wanita chief Heng Seai Kie, how could (the refusal by Umno's Nazri Abdul Aziz to apologise) affect BN's chances?

In the past two general elections, MCA could not deliver Chinese votes to constituencies where Umno was contesting, and top MCA leaders had to depend on Umno voters to win.

It would seem to be far more beneficial for Umno leaders to further display "ketuanan" at the expense of all the Chinese in this country and push more Malays to the extreme right, than to help MCA win some Chinese votes.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Heng, do not make Nazri your scapegoat. The MCA is destined for heavy loses even before the spat with the tourism minister. Your pliant behaviour in the face of racist and bigoted sentiments spewed about the Chinese in the past five years has had a heavy toll on your support.

The spat with Nazri is only the final nail. Stop blaming Nazri for all your woes.

Victor Johan: Yes, Heng, nice try to include this episode in your party's list of reasons (and excuses) on why MCA will perform badly in the coming GE14.

Tekad: MCA, with its poor and spineless leadership, will surely lose to DAP and PKR in the coming GE.

It can thank Nazri for providing them a good excuse to explain away its losses so as to gain Umno sympathy, and to be given some minor positions in the cabinet should BN form the next federal government.

Anonymous 2484921502894388: Let's put it this way, MCA. How can you with good conscience, for the sake of future generations of Malaysians, want to put MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) and his party back into office?

Phanga 1742: MCA, whether Nazri apologises or not, I don't care. But if you would really "hentam" (criticise) PM Najib Razak and Umno over the 1MDB, Felda, National Feedlot Corporation scandals, then I would say you've got some guts.

If you ask Najib to surrender power to Pakatan Harapan, and if you resign from BN, then I would say you've got plenty of guts.

Anonymous: It was the Umno band, including Najib, who had attacked billionaire Robert Kuok. As for Nazri, his attack spilled over to MCA leaders who are under the Umno tutelage.

As far as the Kuok issue is concerned, you should demand Umno apologise, not Nazri. To demand an apology from Nazri is a separate issue, and should be viewed as something personal between you and him.

Anonymous #19098644: Yes, all of Umno and its leaders who had used the false news by blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin about Kuok to whip up racial tensions, owe the people an apology. And not just to the Chinese community, but the country.

GE14 Voter: As far as Umno is concerned, it has written off the Chinese voters, so it's now going on a racially-charged plot against the Chinese community to rally the Malays to vote for it.

It's that simple. It's a classic Umno way to garner Malay votes by playing the racial card, and the Chinese are always the punching bag.

Anonymous 242641505703475: With the general election drawing nearer and nearer, the decibels are getting louder and louder; and words are getting coarser and coarser. With MCA trying to get support, it does not need opposition parties to attack it. The job is done very well by some leaders in Umno.

Once the damage is done, it is done. This damage will affect other components of BN. Umno will be affected, too. Remember in Malacca, one Umno leader boastfully announced that BN did not need Indian support.

That was the year BN suffered a great setback. Never forget that Indians have strength in certain pockets. Never snub Indian support.

Remember Tambunan of Joseph Pairin Kitingan? Downgrading Tambunan resulted in the downfall of BN in Sabah. What was worse was that the powerful chief minister lost his seat in Tenom.

That was the icing on the cake. Now, it appears it is MCA's turn to suffer the damage.

Anonymous 242641505703475: The MCA Wanita chief is spot on. You need Chinese votes. You need Malay votes. You need Indian votes. You need Dayak votes. You need Iban votes. You need Kadazan votes. You need Felda settlers' votes.

In the same vein, Pakatan Harapan and PAS need votes from all ethnic groups. Never look down on any single group. You do it at your own peril.

Kedah MCA Youth told to 'shut up' after calling for Nazri's head

Ozzie Jo: Kedah Umno Youth chief Shaiful Hazizy Zainol Abidin, no amount of posturing from any of the BN parties, whether MCA or Umno, is going to win any votes or support from the Chinese community, who have long been made the whipping boys of anything that is going wrong with the country.

It is demoralising for you to have to appear to battle each other in public, and it serves absolutely no purpose, except to provide entertainment for those of us who are sitting on the sidelines, munching popcorn whilst we watch the ‘sandiwara’, and thinking what an absolute group of classless clowns we have here.

Fairnsquare: Shaiful said, “It is (MCA's) failure (in the 2013 polls), which saw them winning only two state seats and no parliamentary seats in Kedah makes them unqualified to demand Nazri’s sacking."

Apparently, Umno does not see MCA as representatives of the Chinese community, but rather as a charity case and should be submissive to Umno. Thus, MCA has failed.

The rakyat should focus on non-race-based parties during the next GE to create a Malaysian Malaysia.

Anonymous 9916: Well MCA, your master has asked you to stop barking – what are you going to do now?

PP1: Let this be a good lesson for you, MCA. Continue to apple polish, and this is what you'll get in return.

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