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Dare to battle me in GE14 – Bung bangs Wan Saiful in open letter

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BN lawmaker Bung Moktar Radin trained his guns on Bersatu's new recruit Wan Saiful Wan Jan and challenged the latter to contest against him in his Kinabatangan seat in Sabah, where voters, according to the four-term incumbent, have been falling in love with him since 1999.

“I have been popularly known as one of the senior BN politicians who is hardly beaten by my political enemies.

“In short, I can't be easily fought by any contenders, who just understand politics by completing written research papers with a sponsored laptop,” he said in an open letter.

Bung was responding to Wan Saiful's criticism of the BN politician for linking obesity to the nation's prosperity.

Among others, the academic claimed that Bung and other Umno MPs “lacked in class and intellect”.

“His remark that Malaysians are fat and therefore prosperous is simply ridiculous and shows how detached Umno has become from the hardship faced by common people like you and me,” he said.

Below is Bung's open letter reproduced in full:

Dear Wan Saiful,

Firstly, who are you, politically?

Do you think that your jump-into-new-ship move makes you sound brilliant enough to label someone else as unintelligent?

Despite my spoken thoughts in parliament have been critically uncorroborated by most people, especially ship jumpers like you, my voters in Kinabatangan have been falling in love with me since I had my first political breath inhaled in1999 after winning an election named Pilihan Raya Umum.

How old were you at the time? Were you still a student?

Until now, in the era of where people are being hauled towards the most-awaited decade of 2020, I have been popularly known as one of the senior BN politicians who is hardly beaten by my political enemies. In short, I can't be easily fought by any contenders, who just understand politics by completing written research papers with a sponsored laptop.

Bung Moktar that my voters know is the one who:-

1) Can speak well in their languages.

2) Can intensely listen to and understand their languages.

3) Can instantly respond to their day-to-day demands.

4) Do visit them regularly, regardless of electoral seasons.

5) Dares to “wildly” speak up about their hardships, so that the government could have their eyes widely opened from day to night in getting their problems solved as instant as a cup of Korean noodles does.

About my recent remark of obesity is a sign of a prosperous nation what I can say is that it has been misinterpreted by emotionally-motivated humans like you.

I was completely alive when voicing that “controversial” insight. I had enough sleep of about 6-7 hours, and importantly, in the morning, I was mentally prepared before I had my socks fitted to my legs. I was truly aware of every word pronounced by my mouth during the session.

Wan Saiful,

The problem about being a Malaysian like you is that you do not understand metaphorical words. When you fail to understand them, you would then not be able to digest illustrative contexts in a story or description. I was tremendously shocked after knowing that a so-called national intelligent like you has failed to draw messages from my remark.

My “obesity” remark was intentional. It was intentionally made to counter the opposition's blindly-vomited accusation of saying that our beloved nation is going to face bankruptcy. It was untrue and seditious - the accusation could have misled people to blindly believe that we are living in a financially-failed nation.

As a long-serving parliamentarian, I do not want the people, especially my voters, to be swayed by the opposition's unproven accusations. I had to use a metaphor to deliver my intended message: “How can you say that our Malaysians are poorly-concerned by the government as they are still able to survive with adequate sources of foods that could be fed to them all day, every day?”

What I had said was true that most Malaysians are now suffering from diseases like diabetes, high-blood pressure and heart disease. For your information, all these diseases are not infectious, and cannot even be spread by unprotected sexual intercourses. If you are scientifically smart, you would not deny that all the said diseases are primely caused by people's habits of overeating foods with an excessive level of sugar and carbohydrates.

If they can spend their buck for such categories of food, where is the logic of theorising that they are being “crippled” by a financially-paralysed government, which does not exist.

That is so illogical and fictitious.

Wan Saiful,

I know you have to prove your credentials to your new bosses, especially the one who held the premiership for 22 years. Unfortunately, your first attempt of “showing off” your intelligence was inaccurately shot and immature. For now, politically, you are unfit to lambast me with irrational condemnation.

Last but not least, my voters have been obsessively in love with me. Nothing can change that, regardless of how many articles you pen to undermine me. I am an indomitable survivor in the planet called politics.

Dare to battle with me in P187 (Kinabatangan) in the coming GE14?

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