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Mukhriz pleads ignorance on Cambridge Analytica's role in Kedah

Former Kedah Umno chief Mukhriz Mahathir has pleaded ignorance of data firm Cambridge Analytica’s (CA) activities in the state during the 13th general election.

This is despite Mukhriz heading BN’s election campaign in Kedah at the time, which CA featured on its website as among the case studies of its work.

“I never knew CA nor ever engaged them to do any work. If they claim to have been involved with Kedah in GE13, I was not aware of it.

“None of the strategies and tactics I employed as head of elections for Kedah BN during GE13 were in any way derived from advice from CA. Perhaps they were consulting with the Prime Minister’s Office or BN’s headquarters,” Mukhriz told Malaysiakini in a text message today...

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