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Done deal: What's in the EC's final redelineation report?

KINIGUIDE | The Election Commission's final redelineation report for Peninsular Malaysia and the Federal Territories was presented to Parliament today. But what does the report mean for the regular voter?

Apart from having to check whether your voting location has changed for the next general election, the exercise also alters the value of your vote.

Regardless of whether a constituency has 10,000 voters or 100,000 voters, each constituency can only elect one representative.

The redelineation exercise is conducted at least every eight years so that the constituencies can be readjusted to ensure balance. However, this process can sometimes be abused to favour one party.

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In this KiniGuide, we take you through the electoral boundary changes made by the EC in its latest redelineation report.

We will also consider how these changes will influence the results of the forthcoming general election, and how you can check to see if you are affected by the new changes...

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