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Yoursay: And now, Umno plays Christian evangelist card

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YOURSAY | ‘I dare Ku Nan go to Sarawak and make this statement.’

Beware DAP's ‘Christian evangelists’, Ku Nan tells civil servants

Gerard Lourdesamy: BN is bankrupt of ideas. So it’s back to playing the race and religion card. That is the only thing Umno is good for in every election.

I dare caretaker Federal Territories minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to go to Sarawak and make this statement.

How 9 percent of Christians can threaten 61 percent of Muslims in a population of 33 million is baffling to me. The majority of the DAP leadership and members are not even Christian.

And do you think that Pakatan Harapan leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad will allow the DAP to propagate Christianity to the Muslims contrary to the constitution and state laws?

This is pure fake news from Ku Nan.

David Dass: Why does Ku Nan fear the evangelical Christians but not the Catholics?

If evangelicals evangelise, it is to non-Muslims, not to Muslims. There are laws that prohibit the dissemination by non-Muslims of non-Muslim religious beliefs to Muslims.

Most Chinese are Buddhist or Taoist. So most DAP members would not be Christians. It is difficult to understand this warning of Ku Nan. No groups of Christians are out to convert Muslims.

Cogito Ergo Sum: This man does not know the difference between one group from another. He is typical of the current Umno ‘intellectual’. No learning, no reading, no IQ, bereft of reasoning.

Just look at that ‘professor’ who attacked Hannah Yeoh’s book and Mahathir at a forum. They need to create bogeymen in a desperate attempt to unite the Malays.

Just scream Jews or Christians or even Chinese and Lim Kit Siang, and this is supposed to instantly unite the race and nation.

Sorry Ku Nan, the Malays and the rest have wised up to your old playbook. Race, religion and bigotry do not cut it any more.

Goodbye Umno-BN. It was such a bad time you gave us.

Myviews: After 60 years in power, Umno is still playing the race and religious card.

First, they keep working at DAP that it was a Chinese chauvinist party. When that didn't work too well because more and more Malays are joining the party, they now say it is the Christians who want to dominate.

Come on, have some originality in your approach when appealing for votes. These two subjects are so overplayed, they sound worse than broken records.

Undecided: "We're Muslims, but we do evil and despicable things that non-Muslims shake their heads when they look at us. So I ask that we all go back to the path of righteousness," said Ku Nan.

One thing is for sure, this type of divisive warning would not have come from a Harapan leader. It is a sign of sheer desperation.

SelangorKu: Ku Nan is really panicky – the pursuit of righteousness is a universal value promoted by all religions. Why pick on Christians?

How could the minority influence the majority on common universal values?

Bersatu to field ex-EC chief Abdul Rashid in Putrajaya

Fookchin: If it is true that Bersatu has decided to field former Election Commission chief commissioner Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman in GE14, it will be a great miscalculation.

This man has zero credibility and Harapan will definitely lose the seat. When he was EC chairperson for 10 years out of his 29 years in the commission, including as EC secretary for many years before being appointed as its chief, he just kept quiet and did whatever dirty tricks his political masters ordered him to do.

If he is a man of integrity, he would have refused to obey and just resign. But he stayed on because he needed to cari makan (make a living). And when he finally retired, he washed EC's dirty linen in public.

If he is fielded in my constituency, I will just scribble rude words against his slot on my ballot or just stay at home. I believe most opposition supporters may do likewise.

So Bersatu, you have been forewarned – choose another candidate instead of this man if you want to win this seat.

Fairperson: Yes, poor choice. This man who has been part of the system which destroyed the electoral process in Malaysia should remain outside the political ring to support the opposition. He does not have the moral credibility to represent the people.

If he has truly repented then he should openly admit his past mistakes and seek forgiveness from the all Malaysians.

Clever Voter: Indeed, the choice of Abdul Rashid is a poor one. He will not do any better by contesting against Ku Nan. Abdul Rashid has done his fair share of damage to the country’s broken system.

He could be forgiven for being a diligent and obedient civil servant, but his views of the world left much to be desired. At the very least, Ku Nan will enjoy a home run.

Varuna: Frankly, one would think that both candidates – if it is these two – have certain notoriety. I guess it will come down to the perception as to who is more honourable or dishonourable.

Going by the speculation on possible candidates from BN and the opposition, the nation may be saddled with difficult choices on issues of honourabilty with the probability that there may be more challenges for BN rather than the opposition.

Well, incumbents usually have disadvantages and with the state of the nation as it is now, the situation is tense.

Vijay47: Abdul Rashid, the former chief of the EC, is about as honourable as the present one.

With him as the Bersatu candidate, Putrajaya is one seat I don't care who wins. What a pity that both candidates cannot lose.

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