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Mystery man threatens to release Amanah leader's 'sex video'

GE14 | A man claiming to an Amanah member today accused one of the party's leaders of indiscretion but failed to furnish any proof to back-up his claim.

Rizal Bakar, who claims to be from Kuala Kedah Amanah division, called for a press conference in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur today promising to reveal the "latest sex video scandal" involving a party leader.

At the event, he produced three A3 sized cardboard screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation, purportedly between a man and a woman.

Some of the messages included images of a woman with her face covered. He also played two recordings of telephone conversations between a man and a woman.

He alleged that both the WhatsApp messages and the audio clips showed the party leader and the woman were involved in an illicit relationship.

He also explained that the A3 cardboard sheets were left on the windshield of his car in an envelope, and that he did not know who had left it there.

Rizal then challenged the party leader to respond to his allegations within 36 hours or else he would reveal "a video" as evidence.

"I urge him to come forth with an explanation, to say whether what I have revealed is true.

"I ask that he provides an answer within 36 hours... or else we will meet here again in 36 hours and I will show a video," Rizal told the press conference.

Malaysiakini has contacted the party leader in question and is withholding his name pending his full comment.

Reporters repeatedly asked Rizal to adduce more proof to back his claims against the Amanah leader, but he refused to budge.

'I will reveal more in 36 hours'

He was hounded by reporters from the first floor of the hotel where the press conference was held to his car across the road.

Asked how sure he was of the identity of the party leader in question, Rizal simply replied, "I will reveal more in 36 hours."

He then maintained he was not making an allegation but simply "posing a question".

Reporters grilled him on why he had refused to check the claim with the party in question, why he was revealing this information during the GE14 campaign period and whether he was paid for revealing the information, but Rizal dodged all questions.

Despite refusing to provide details, he repeatedly stopped to pose for photographs for members of the press.

When met at a separate function, Amanah information chief Khalid Samad questioned the credibility of the person who made the allegation. 

"Why did you do raise this issue just before the elections? If the accusations really happened, whenever it happened, why didn't you (the accuser) reveal it earlier?

"That shows you have a political agenda. Once you have a political agenda, I think we all have the right to question the extent of your credibility," Khalid said. 

Additional reporting by Alyaa Alhadjri.

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