Yoursay: And now, the hard work to rebuild M’sia begins

YOURSAY | ‘A reminder for Harapan: with great power comes great responsibility.’

After six decades in power, BN falls to ‘Malaysian tsunami’

OMG: Congratulations firstly to Dr Mahathir Mohamad for forgoing a peaceful retirement and coming back to show the opposition how to win an election here.

His legacy will always be remembered – finally giving Malaysia a two-party system.

Congratulations to the indefatigable freedom fighters like Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Dr Chen Man Hin, M Kulasegaran, Khalid Samad, Karpal Singh's children and many, many others, for their patient sacrifices and lonely years in the political wilderness, suffering harassment, and in some cases, financial hardship.

A prayer of thanks for the late heroes such as Karpal Singh, P Patto, Ahmad Nor and others who did not live to see this day, but persevered for many years.

Above all, congratulations to the millions of ordinary Malaysians of all races, ages and religions who came together to forcefully eject a world-class kleptocrat leader that had brought disgrace to the nation while pretending nothing was amiss.

Now, we need new people for some government entities, like the Attorney-General’s Chambers. The present occupants can be thanked for their services, before being transferred out.

As Mahathir has said, there will be no holiday for the victors. I wish Pakatan Harapan all the best in the exciting days ahead when they begin rebuilding this great and beautiful nation that we all hold dear.

Mahsuri: Thank you to Malaysiakini team for the excellent news coverage throughout the weeks and especially during this historical day! So proud to be Malaysian once more.

Ian Chai: Congratulations, Malaysia! I only wish that Karpal and tok guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had lived to see this day. At least Kit Siang has.

Now, the hard work begins. We need to keep a close watch on the new government, and make sure they do the systemic reforms that need to be done – free the press, restore the independence of the judiciary, revamp the Election Commission, delineate the electoral boundaries fairly, and repeal unjust laws, so that they will not be able to use these to become the new bad guys.

Quigonbond: For the longest time, urban folks have looked at their cousins in the rural areas with perplexity, wondering what it will take to drive home the message that there are things bigger than sentimental attachment to a party, race and religion.

We have been frustrated time and again. In the process, so many brave souls from the opposition bench, none more so than from PKR and DAP, have had to face police harassment and imprisonment.

We watched in helpless frustration as one by one, our institutions of governance collapsed in independence, competence and/or courage. It would seem that Mahathir has come full circle from virtual dictator to the Malaysian saviour.

Mahathir made the ‘Malay tsunami’ real out of sheer willpower. This is just the start of a long journey back to better times and then beyond.

Today, urban folks can look towards our rural folks and say - thank you. You finally understand that we can be better, and the world does not end with change. Well done all!

Anon-2: Reconciliation is a great way to start. Nelson Mandela clearly emphasised “No revenge.” I am not surprised to hear the same from Mahathir.

Even Donald Trump rode into the presidency of the United States on the back of a promise to put Hillary Clinton behind bars, but softened his stance when he won.

Let’s get Jho Low, his boat, the cash and diamonds for a start. Mercy and graciousness will be a better approach to heal a divided nation, especially when they are all licking their wounds.

GE14 is an amazing story worth telling. With twists and turns, reconciliation and healing, restoration of friendship, we will see history in the making.

What an amazing story that sees a return of a nonagenarian prime minister and a deputy prime minister who replaces her husband in the second most powerful post in the country. Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail truly has a great story to tell.

Yes, a lot of work needs to be done, first and foremost to see the deputy prime minister’s spouse free. Oh, to see this wonderful ‘First Lady’ back is so, so amazing - the day the most she takes over from one the most disliked personalities in the country.

Kikyo: After yesterday’s victory, we want the best most competent and most honest people in government, in GLCs, and in various government agencies. Mahathir must rebuild all the institutions put in place, the checks and balances, and ensure civil servants can carry out their duties without fear.

The government must reduce expenses and cut national debt. Perhaps some form of amnesty to bring home funds that left the country illegally. And help the poor.

There is so much to do.

Anonymous_76f85d5c: A new era for Malaysia. I am truly glad to have lived to see this day. I hope the struggles of the many over the past few years are not forgotten, and stay with us as a constant reminder of what we can achieve as a people, if we work together to restore the dignity of our nation.

Anonymous_534b7352: Utmost respect for Mahathir. Harapan has proven to all that the coalition is truly worthy of a victory.

It is now time to heal and work together with the new opposition to govern the country out of the mess created by the previous kleptocratic regime. Now, for a better future for all Malaysians.

Ah-hah: To me, it is apt that the once noble BN regime, heir to the grand Alliance that led Malaya at the birth of our nation, fell with Najib being the last at the helm.

Widely considered the worst prime minister of Malaysia in many ways, his ignominious claim to fame is now secured, and this ‘title’ will likely be unchallenged for a very long time.

Anonymous: Congratulations to all Malaysians for achieving this feat of transforming our country into a real democracy again.

KxPx: Mahathir’s Wawasan 2020 was intended to get us to developed nation status by 2020. It seems, at least today, that he has gotten us there in 2018.

First Ubah Then Tangkap: Harapan better govern well. Real power is with the rakyat. We were able to overthrow a 60-year old government. Remember this.

I Wonder?: Never forget the people are the true masters of this country. They can push you up and they can put you down. They are just like water, to float you or to drown you.

So, don't ever try to play the fool with the people. Have respect for them and in return, you are respected. Do your job well with sincerity and you shall be appreciated and rewarded accordingly by your master.

Ksn: Our people responded maturely to get rid of the rotten government. The new government must remember that we will not stand for nor tolerate nonsense from anyone, and proceed, work for the country and its people without corruption, abuse of laws and public funds.

The cabinet must be made up of capable people of unquestionable integrity, working for the country and not for cronies and families. Can we hope?

Lone Star: Selamat pagi, Malaysia Baru (Good morning to a New Malaysia). Thank you to all the rakyat for making this new dawn possible.

To Harapan, a gentle reminder, with great power comes great responsibility; the Rakyat is the boss and will be watching your every move. Do not fail us.

Anonymous#$&: People’s power. Now the people have spoken, Harapan better do their job, will judge again in five years’ time.

Anonymous_3e86: Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! This time for real.

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