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Yoursay: More like Umno under threat, not Malays or Islam

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YOURSAY | ‘No Harapan leader ever spoke ill or evil of Malays or Islam, including the non-Malays.’

Tajuddin moots Umno-PAS pact as 'race, religion under threat'

Newday: To Umno supreme council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, is this all that matters to you - race and religion?

This is part of the reason why we ended up with the mess of the previous government - you promoting Malaysia for Malays and the rest of us promoting the more holistic Malaysia for Malaysians, which includes Malays.

Even Malays firmly rejected the “Malaysia for Malays only” propaganda of BN in the 14th general election (GE14).

You have one arm of Umno saying the party should be opened up to all races, and then there is you and the likes of Zahid promoting this exclusivity of race and religion. Which model do you think will work in the 21st century and beyond?

Quigonbond: If Umno-PAS are going to continue arguing along the same lines of race and religion, well, it is a potent argument, but only if Pakatan Harapan falters on good governance.

Time is on Harapan's side, so if they enact legislation that deal with race/religious/gender baiting and educate people to be more critical and moderate, this line of reasoning can only give diminishing returns to Umno-PAS.

A most embarrassing outcome for Umno would be for it to be rejected by PAS, because in PAS' myopic calculus, why would they want to share the monopoly of religious voters with Umno?

RR: Tajuddin, why are you inciting the Malays by saying that Malay rights and Islam are under threat?

No Harapan leader ever spoke ill or evil of Malays or Islam, including the non-Malays.

With your long experience in Umno and politics, you should not play the racial or religious card just to secure votes in the coming Umno election.

Playing racial and religious cards was an old game for Umno, which the GE14 tsunami has buried.

The Malays are more enlightened now. More than 70 percent of Harapan MPs are Malays and Muslims. They would not sacrifice the rights of the Malays or Islam. So don’t continue to deceive the rakyat.

Anonymous 7478653098613829: I wonder why race and religion are under threat according to Tajuddin, when the prime minister is a Malay and a Muslim? The menteri besar and chief ministers of all the states, apart from Penang, are all Muslims.

So it is more like Umno is under threat, rather than the Malay race or the Islamic religion.

Malays are doing very well under Harapan. So are Malaysians. As evidence, there is now no more gravy train going to the branches of Umno.

If Malays and Islam are under threat in Malaysia after 61 years of Umno rule, then the Malays and Muslims did right to discard Umno.

FairMalaysian: Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is now the current deputy prime minister, is a true reflection of who a Muslim is.

There are many others within the Harapan fold, like Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu, Health Minister Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, and Sepang MP Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, et cetera, who have been and are exemplary Muslims.

As a Muslim and a wakil rakyat (citizens’ representative), Tajuddin should learn to be humble. The late Tok Guru, a great Muslim, was liked by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Many Non-Muslims voted for PAS then with their eyes closed, because all that mattered was Tok Guru.

Unafraid: Should the merger between Umno and PAS materialise, which is a distinct possibility, then it is incumbent upon the parties in Sabah and Sarawak to pull out of BN and perhaps join Harapan.

This may not be a bad option for Harapan, as this will guarantee the demise of Umno for good and herald a new era of Malaysian politics, where the West and the East can prosper and develop without race and religion-based politics for a long time to come.

The crucial question is, are the East Malaysians up to it? Do they have the guts and gumption to leave BN and cast a death knell on racial and religious politics? This would be their chance. Will they take it?

Dingy: This is the best time for multi-racial political parties from both East and West Malaysia to break away from BN, as both Umno and PAS mooted a pack to fight against Harapan in the 15th general election (GE15).

It is a fallacy to claim Harapan will not protect the Malays and Islam. All Malaysians should reject parties of one race.

Hopeful123: The Harapan government must pass a new law on race and religious harmony to ensure that no race or religion suppresses any others.

The rights of and respect for all races and religions must be the priority. Anyone who sows seeds of disharmony must be taken to task.

Malays and Muslims need not be threatened in any way as they are protected under the Constitution.

Game: What is the so-called threat to race and religion? I would like the police to investigate this fellow for his remarks, which can cause unrest among the many races here in this country.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Tajuddin is still living in denial. The reasons why the rakyat no longer support Umno-BN is because the party is allegedly corrupt and indulging in massive abuse of power.

Unless all corrupt leaders are kicked out of the party, Umno has no hope of ever regaining its appeal. There is only one way it will go, and that is into oblivion.

Kader: A pact between PAS and Umno is inevitable, in some form or other. While we try to unravel the mess we have inherited, we should not take lightly this play on race and religion.

New Beginning: There is no room for racial or religious parties.

I am a Malay and I am a Malaysian. Malays need to learn to compete on a level playing field with other races and learn what they are good at.

Stop talking about your rights. Ask yourself where the majority of the Malays stand in terms of economic progress, after 61 years under the racial/religious party government?

Anonymous 2368651442807108: Umno, please do not destroy the peace and harmony of this country by bringing in race and religion.

The rakyat want to live in peace and unity with one another. Every Malaysian has played a part in keeping it that way.

Don't put fear in everyone and speak of such threats when there are none.

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