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Yoursay: At last, a chance to make PDRM a professional force

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YOURSAY | We can start afresh with a relatively clean force that the rakyat can be proud of.

Report: Shake-up at the top for cops, Fuzi to go

EyeInTheSky: Not a moment too soon. It's a big uphill task to try to restore pride, dignity and trust to the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

The rakyat have held PDRM in very low esteem and trust for a very long time.

The force has degenerated to being a tool of the then BN government, persecuting selectively at the whims of the powerful, much to the disgust of the people.

Discovery: Don’t forget that Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief who ‘generously donated’ almost RM1 million to the Australian government. Probe every ounce of him to find out how on earth he had accumulated so much money.

Furthermore, his justification of not wanting to claim the money deposited into his bank account through many ATM transactions smells rottenly like money-laundering.

Vijay47: It looks like Hari Raya, Deepavali, and Christmas are coming early this year and are being celebrated jointly.

The shake-up among the boys in blue has been long overdue, what with the police allegedly having their own liaison officers with the underworld and cash-carrying gangsters, apart from their own version of “Hotel California” where you could never check out alive

The best news today is that the present inspector-general of police (IGP) Mohamad Fuzi Harun is reportedly being kicked out; it must be remembered that among his other contributions to law enforcement, he was the one who very speedily cleared that CID head, yes, the same guy who generously donated RM1 million to Waltzing Matilda, since it would have been too much of a hassle to claim it back, as the CID man had said. 

But let us not forget your and my favourite police officer, former IGP Khalid Abu Bakar, yes, the same man who single-handedly did more than anyone else to ensure that the police image languished in the sewers. 

Khalid, perhaps you could tweet something on these latest developments? By the way, Public Service Department (PSD) chief secretary Ali Hamza, I think I saw your name on an axe somewhere.

Anonymous 2460431488547967: Now they are going into the vipers' den, and hopefully by the time this cleansing is done, we can start afresh with a relatively clean force that the rakyat can be proud of, and officers can also proudly wear their badge of honour.

And more importantly, it will also be able to attract the best talents into the force.

Sunshine: A thoroughly-conceived exercise involving scrutinising the top 25 percent of the officials of the PDRM for corruption, acquisition of disproportionate wealth due to personal and family greed, abuse of power and dereliction of duty should do much good to boost the morale of the remaining members the PDRM and also the public at large.

Charlatans within the PDRM are suspected to have subverted the force's special powers of policing by abusing it for personal monetary gain and also fomenting undesirable elements within society, including leaders who profit from lack of prosecution despite wrongdoings.

Kamaapo: Yet another very refreshing dawn on our beloved nation post GE14. It is sure to have very positive spill-over effect on almost all other government agencies where corruption is unfettered.

I hope the spring-cleaning is a continuous exercise and not just a one-off act, involving mere changes of some unit heads.

Whenever some very 'unconcealable' negative incidents are exposed in the force, the police always mitigate by saying the standard “just few black sheep”. Actually, most of the public are of the opinion that there are in fact just only a few white sheep in there.

Hopefully from now onwards, almost all in the force will become white, and the present unbridled crime rate and corruption could come down drastically. If it happens, it would be a huge relief for the common folks.

Anonymous_1527658987: Apart from everyone else earning a salary from the government, the police force needs to be better paid.

They are in a special place because we depend on them to police against corruption, yet they are also the most susceptible for the same reason.

They need to be paid a living wage to ensure that they are not tempted towards corruption themselves.

Ultimately: I think this will be good news for the lower-ranking officers. It's time cops are properly trained, better paid and incentivised to excel in their roles, and to have their mindset realigned to work with the people and upgrade their people skills, so the community looks up to them and works with them, not against them.

I have met a number of very helpful, friendly police personnel whom I would give five stars for customer service to. It's time they started taking pride in the job of protecting the people and earning our trust and admiration.

Anonymous 8231440077354: Finally. Please make them a professional force on par with that of Canada, Holland and even China.

No political interference, and please revive the move to implement the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) as it was originally intended, no dilution.

Then the PDRM will be on the road to professionalism. Political will is paramount here.

Pro-Justice: As a candidate, I think Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Amar Singh has all the academic credentials as well as the experience to be the next IGP if Pakatan Harapan is not looking at race, colour, creed and religion. He even has a diploma in syariah jurisprudence.

He should be able to advise the Agong or put PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang in his place on Islam.

It's better to have a clean and professional Malaysian as our new IGP than a corrupt and compromised supporter of Najib Razak and his alleged gang of thieves.

Any inputs from PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, the roving unofficial commissar who thinks and acts as if he is the sidekick of Hadi?

Think like a Malaysian and act as one, and not along racial lines. We are in a new era - the Harapan era.

Kevin: We need a no-nonsense IGP, and one who cannot be bought by money and gifts, and who cannot be swayed by death threats and other forms of intimidation. We need an IGP who is apolitical, not one who is a committee member of a ruling or former ruling party.

There are just too few... Amar Singh is one of those rare ones. There's no harm putting a non-Muslim as IGP, and no one should make a big fuss about it.

Meow: At last, it is possible we Malaysians will have respect for our police force.

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