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Yoursay: Syed Saddiq, new M’sia should not discriminate against LGBT

YOURSAY | Pray tell, what's wrong with appointing an individual who had championed LGBT causes?

On Pride Day organiser hire, Syed Saddiq says no formal appointments yet

Proarte: LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Malaysians are citizens. The Youth and Sports Ministry has a responsibility towards them.

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman must not buckle under pressure as this would allow bigots and political opportunists to dictate terms.

We are living in 2018 with sexuality now medically accepted as not a 'lifestyle' choice.

Given the prejudice towards sexual minorities since time immemorial, LGBTs are a vulnerable group and need more understanding and support. Depression and suicide rates are higher in the LGBT group.

Surely a caring Youth and Sports Ministry must not isolate these youth. They should be welcomed with open arms and given support, which they are entitled to in a civilised and caring society.

Change for the Better: Pray tell, what's wrong with appointing an individual who had championed LGBT causes? Are LGBTs not human like you and me?

In fact, we should strongly support the appointment of people like Numan Afifi who have a conscience. Silly bigotry needs to be consigned to the rubbish heap in new Malaysia.

RedHero: Not hiring Numan because of his activity in the LGBT movement is tantamount to discrimination and violates the generally accepted equal opportunity employment practices.

Is there any written law that prohibits the government from hiring anyone who is classified as LGBT? If Numan meets all the qualifications, Saddiq should just go ahead and hire him and ignore his critics.

Dr.Subhash: First of all, the person's sexual orientation is entirely personal. If he is able to discharge his duties competently, there should be no objection for him to be appointed anywhere he is deemed suitable.

Syed, the youth face of Pakatan Harapan, don't get blackmailed by these hypocrites.

Headhunter: What's wrong with appointing a person who helps marginalised fellow human beings?

I agree with other commenters that Syed Saddiq should officially appoint Numan because we see a good human being, something which is getting hard to find these days.

Khalid Gibran: Small-minded people will marginalise LGBTs. I am sure many LGBTs are not happy that they are born that way.

Nevertheless, remember how the sly cunning fox demonised PKR de facto Anwar Ibrahim for allegedly being gay.

An open letter to Syed Saddiq, youth and sports minister

Clever Voter: Malaysiakini columnist R Nadeswaran is right to remind our young youth and sports minister of the rotten patronage system, filled with rent-seekers, bootlickers, opportunists, et cetera.

A rotten culture deeply cemented from shop floor to boardroom is impossible to remove overnight, let alone in one full five-year term. All ministries are riddled with incompetence, and worse, corrupt and bad practices.

Many old timers will tell you that it's the way things are here. If you find the kitchen too hot, get out.

Syed Saddiq should spend time overseeing the policies that support the developmental aspects of sports, youth and community.

There is much room for improvement and growth. The various areas in sports, for example, are filled with bureaucracy.

The managers do not necessarily have to be sports personalities but passionate people who have the nation and sports at heart.

No one says the job is easy but the minister must first look at the cash tills, see what people spend on and how they are doing. Focus on the qualitative.

Ultimately, we know the outcomes; the challenges are in addressing how to achieve them.

Anonymous_c4bcf78b: While others attack Syed Saddiq before he can even show what he’s capable of, it’s nice to see Nades sharing advice instead.

I agree that if the ministry relied on more sportsmen and sportswomen to run it, it would be better off. Almost all national sports agencies (NSAs) are functioning poorly with heavy politicking. In the end, athletes bear the brunt.

NSA chiefs ought to be scrutinised. Beware of open backdoors. Or there will be nothing new in the new government.

Quigonbond: Syed Saddiq can do what many ministries are already doing - set up an advisory council. It's also a good time to drain the swamp.

It's time our sports industry turned over a new leaf with focus on excellence first, then reward, then a retirement/retraining plan for people who have committed so much time to bear the Malaysian flag.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Dear Nades, your advice is something which this young man needs to learn immediately and fast.

There are many who are even older than his parents who are still waiting along those creaky old stairs to see what this young man will do before they show their colours.

These folks have been there and have gone about the politicking and the allocation of funds as though it was their little gold mine of sorts.

So I hope that he reads this, he will definitely understand it - but as to how it works, only experience will teach him. Keep writing, sir.

Kris See: An insightful and sincere piece by Nades. I, too, together with known ex-national sports athletes have been trying for years to bring positive changes to the sports scene in Malaysia.

The sports department, is yet again, another political viper nest, one that has seen eroding standards over the years. Thank you, Nades, for your timely reminder. Collectively we must do more.

Mano: Yesterday, while watching the news (we actually switch the TV to watch local news now!), I saw Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad amidst the Federal Territory officials.

The same thought crossed my mind that the "buayas, serpents, vermins" now sitting and standing around him are a potentially lethal force that he has to be vigilant against. These officers have been so used to easy money and easy work that a major mind change is not easy for them.

Not being able to change themselves, they may try changing the person attempting the change.

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