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Yoursay: M’sia in ‘race’ to the bottom once more with UEC furore

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YOURSAY | ‘Harapan, don’t be BN. If it’s in your manifesto, just get it done.’

UEC recognition can't just be a cabinet decision, Rais says

Anonymous 2480651500461503: So former Umno minister Rais Yatim says that recognising the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) will have implications on the status of Bahasa Malaysia, Islam, and Malay customs.

It’s sickening to hear all these remarks on race time and again. Education policies should be based on the quality and the marketability of our students locally and abroad.

Policies must be made to improve the quality of education so students are more equipped with the needs of the market now and the future.

We cannot continually be held back by these issues that hamper our progress. Our education system has already degenerated so much because of all this nonsense.

Vision 2020: Wouldn’t it be good and inclusive for government servants to be multilingual instead of just being able to converse in one language in order to better serve our multicultural rakyat and the global community, and in order to stay competitive in trade, manufacturing, marketing and finance?

By recognising UEC, graduates well-versed in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese can provide a more competitive edge to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) from countries conversant in Chinese, like China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Tiger Terry: "I think that (recognising) the UEC is something big which touches on the core of civilisation, the core of education and the core of our country's values,” Rais says.

I think what he meant to say, in fewer words, is, "Don't bother with minorities." Sigh. This is precisely why BN were kicked out.

I was hoping for a brighter future for Malaysia, without the bigotry. It’s sad to see such statements from someone who stumped for Harapan on the campaign trail.

YKK: So only the interests of the majority need to be taken care of? Minorities can be victimised? Anyway, how would the very small number of UEC graduates harm the interest of the majority?

Hearty Malaysian: Rais is once again is trying to make an innocuous issue - in this case, educational qualification recognition - political by saying this would threaten the position of Bahasa Malaysia and the “core of civilisation.” He is even trying to drag the rulers into his dirty politics.

I can’t see how the position of Bahasa Malaysia position would be threatened so easily by the recognition of UEC, let alone lead to civilisational collapse.

Rais is trying to project himself as the self-anointed champion of Malay supremacy in the guise of defending a ‘fragile’ Malay civilisation.

Anonymous 2405191458063842: To think Rais so valiantly said it would be a “national service” to be appointed parliament speaker.

He dared to aggressively push himself forward even though he jumped ship from Umno to Harapan just days before the general election, after he realised that the wind was blowing in the latter’s favour.

We have to avoid this toxic man, he cannot be part of the New Malaysia.

The Sounds: The Education Ministry would do well to ignore this past-his-shelf-life and out of work politician.

Education minister’s statement on UEC only to allay fears, assures Teo

Vote 4 Change Johor: Indeed, some quarters have again politicised the issue of recognising UEC when this matter should be just a 'quiet’ administrative matter already agreed to by all the four parties in Harapan and supported by most educationists and citizens.

The statement that it will affect national harmony is absurd, as around 15 percent of students enrolled in Chinese schools are non-Chinese, and many of these schools have been in existence for over 100 years, teaching mainly localised content.

In many ways, these schools are more Malaysian than some of the international schools in the country.

Anonymous: UEC is a very high standard qualification. Marking systems are strictly adhered to. Recognising it will force other learning institutions to pull up their socks, no free lunches here.

Of course, there are those who fear holding high standards will disadvantage people the undeserving.

If Maszlee Malik thinks recognising UEC is a threat to Bahasa Malaysia, then he is unfit to be education minister. The UEC is a widely accepted examination locally and overseas. What has it got to do with other languages?

RedHero: From Harapan’s manifesto: “Pakatan Harapan will undertake to recognise UEC certificates to enter public institutions of higher learning provided that applicants have a credit in Bahasa Melayu at the SPM level. For this purpose, the UEC certificate will be assessed to be equivalent to the existing general qualification for entry into IPTA.”

So there you have it. Teo is correct in saying what she said. Let's give her and Maszlee the time and space to engage other stakeholders and have this implemented as early as possible.

Anonymous_0f3056fa: Harapan, don’t be BN. If it’s in your manifesto, just get it done.

Anonymous_3359e387: Step out of the box and realise for once that language is just the medium, knowledge is the core. Besides, UEC graduates still need a credit in Bahasa Malaysia to be accepted into public universities.

Japan has a 94 percent graduation rate, when can Malaysia achieve that?

Anonymous Malaysia 2018: If we wish to talk so much about the quality of our public universities, what is their world ranking compared to the National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University or for that matter Cambridge University, which, if I am not mistaken, recognise UEC for entry?

Anonymous 690791505470938: DAP is no different from MCA, Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching here sounds like a minister for Chinese affairs.

This is the problem with the Malaysian politicians. All want to ‘jaga’ (protect) their ‘own’ language, religion and culture.

Like how Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad can be so adamant about bringing back businessperson Jho Low, but wants to keep the hate preacher Zakir Naik in the country.

When will we grow up as a nation, respected for our decisions based on facts rather than colour and creed?

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