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Yoursay: Dr M as Khazanah chairperson - welcome to new old M’sia?

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YOURSAY | Let the professionals manage the country’s sovereign wealth fund.

Hopeful123: It is best that Khazanah Nasional be manned by financial experts rather than the prime minister and other politicians. Remember, it is the government's investment arm.

If politicians are included, then why is Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng left out and Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali in?

We do not want another 1MDB fiasco at any cost, even if it means pushing for a no-confidence vote in Parliament against Dr Mahathir Mohamad. We can't repeat the same mistakes again. It is too costly.

All parties in Pakatan Harapan, please wake up. Yes, we are grateful to Mahathir for the landslide victory in GE14, but Harapan must keep its promises to the rakyat. No two ways about it.

Anonymous_d395a08d: We voted Harapan on the promise that prime minister will not take up the finance minister position. The reason behind this is check and balance - to make it difficult for the PM to abuse our country’s financial resources.

By transferring Khazanah to the prime minister’s portfolio and by chairing its board, Mahathir is doing the exact opposite of what Harapan has promised.

Harapan supporters should avoid supporting any politician, Mahathir included, just because of his "star" power. We should focus on policy and reform, not personality.

A Malaysian: The "wall of trust" of Harapan is cracking, and which may lead to its demise earlier than expected. Wake up, all of you YBs (Yang Berhormat), where is the check and balance before it is too late?

Power corrupts. Absolutely power corrupts absolutely.

Anonymousytmq123: Let's hope that this is not a precursor to what appears to be Mahathir's unchallenged right to Proton 2.0.

Remember it was Khazanah which injected hundreds of millions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money into Proton 1.0 just to keep it afloat. It was done at that time on Mahathir's insistence.

Kamaru: Yes, this is a bad move. Mahathir and Azmin must not be on Khazanah's board. If both of them are controlling Khazanah, who will be controlling them? No human is ever infallible. Definitely not Mahathir and Azmin.

We appreciate Mahathir for what he had done and support him in his effort to rebuild Malaysia. But he must remove himself from operational matters, otherwise he may miss the forest for the trees.

Mahathir's overriding focus must be to ensure that his ministers are on track doing what is best for the country. That is why he must not be running any ministry or government-linked companies (GLCs).

Mahathir cannot manage Mahathir. No man can see his own faults. God gives us eyes to look outward. So, Mahathir, please remove yourself and Azmin from Khazanah. Let the professionals manage the country’s sovereign wealth fund.

Annonymous: So, Mahathir is chairperson of Khazanah, Petronas and PNB?

The chairperson of these powerful GLCs don't need to report to the Finance Ministry, but the chairperson of these GLCs will report to the prime minister, and the prime minister has absolute authority to approve any request from the chairperson of the GLCs, and the appointed directors of the GLCs report to the chairperson, and the prime minister will only consult the chairperson of the GLCs.

The country is going through the same Umno SOP (standard operating procedure) and the same 1MDB modus operandi. The worse is yet to come.

Dr Suresh Kumar: Mahathir is removing thousands of political appointees from government agencies and other bodies, but he appoints himself and Azmin as chairperson and director respectively in Khazanah. How much sense does this make?

He was voted in on the premise of governing the nation as the prime minister and not to assume any other portfolio or position, didn't we? And what are Azmin's credentials to be appointed Khazanah director?

Proton 2.0 is going to make a comeback and with that, the price of foreign cars will see a steep rise once again. So, all the talk about reducing the price of imported cars are just hot air to dupe Malaysians.

Mahathir, how many more lies do you have up your sleeves? Elected politicians should focus on good governance and leave the job of running business entities to professionals. Are we seeing the return of Mahathirism and his racist policies once again?

In fact, if we take a look at all the past prime ministers, the most damage to the nation was done by Mahathir under his 22-year iron-fist rule.

The Khazanah directors, minus Azmin, will not stand a chance of overruling Mahathir in the event he tries his dirty tricks. Azmin, of course, will be Mahathir's accomplice.

Are we seeing the demise of Harapan after just one term? Why are the other Harapan leaders silent? Was there a consensus within Harapan on this issue?

I think the people should teach Harapan a bitter lesson in the two upcoming by-elections, and if even after that they don't pull up their socks and continue to fool the rakyat, Harapan should be voted out in the next general election.

Anonymous_1527658987: To those who wonder where Lim Guan Eng is in relation to Khazanah, you might want to remember that the finance minister's inclusion in Khazanah would be a conflict of interest.

In fact, I don't think any current politician should be on the board, Mahathir included.

Rajinder Agnihotri: Indeed, this is not a good start. Why not appoint independent professionals with impeccable integrity as check and balance to the government?

This does not augur well for good corporate governance.

Anonymous_1531693563: Singapore's Temasek is doing pretty well with no active politicians on its board. They have a reserve of S$308 billion (RM920 billion) compared to our miserable figure (of RM145 billion).

I wonder whether we will ever be able to catch up with or surpass our neighbour.

Anonymous_3f4b: This is cronyism and selective political appointments reminiscent of Mahathirism. Welcome to the new old Malaysia.

Things change but some things never change.

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