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Yoursay: Jho Low should return to challenge Equanimity seizure

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YOURSAY | ‘What is holding him back from doing so? Guilt, perhaps?’

Jho Low says M'sian seizure of Equanimity 'illegitimate'

Buat Apa: There is a difference between ‘illegitimate’ and ‘illegal’. Illegitimate is something or someone of not up to a moral standing; i.e., immoral or less than moral. Illegal means something or some deed that has transgressed established law or laws.

If Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has violated Indonesian law by asking the vessel Equanimity be returned to Malaysia, then it is a case of illegality and not illegitimacy. In which case, Low must prove to that effect through the courts or, since he's on the run, through the media.

If the return of the boat is considered illegitimate because it was seized by, first, the Indonesian authorities and, later, returned to Malaysia via Mahathir's expressed request, it can't be any more illegitimate than the alleged theft of 1MDB funds by Jho Low and his band of thieves.

In that case, unlike Mahathir’s request, it most certainly is illegal for Low to have built or purchased the boat using allegedly laundered money belonging to Malaysian taxpayers which, in any case, needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt through the courts.

Low could voluntarily return to Malaysia and present his case through the courts. What is holding him back from doing so? Guilt, perhaps?

Real Truth: Low, you want the yacht back? Then tell us where all the illegal 1MDB money is stashed. You, of all people, are talking about of rule of law, when you and MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) allegedly siphoned huge amounts of money.

The Malaysian government must get all the illicitly purchased property in New York and Los Angeles, the artworks and the private plane.

Tell us your source of money and fight your case in courts. We await the day with great anticipation.

JayWai: “Politically motivated” he says? He allegedly partnered with our former prime minister and took us Malaysians for a ride, at our expense.

He left us with a huge debt. You are welcome to come to Malaysia and prove your innocence. We want our money back.

Anonymous_5a309591: We, Malaysians, wanted a clean slate and a new government to teach you dirty rogues a lesson.

There are schools in Sarawak without electricity, and you are crying over a RM1 billion yacht.

IPIC settlement more important than Equanimity, says Najib

Oscar Kilo: In the first place, why do we need to settle with Abu Dhabi's government-owned International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC)?

Why was US$3.5 billion paid by 1MDB to the fake Aabar Investments PJS Ltd, incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, instead of to the real Aabar owned by IPIC?

Anonymous 1890491455255851: The question is why should one thing be sacrificed for the other?

Shouldn’t all things purchase with stolen funds be recovered along with the cash that was so easily paid to a different company?

Are these now excuses for actually doing very little or anything at all to recover the misappropriated funds?

Hang Babeuf: What a contemptible good-for-nothing our former prime minister has now become. To look at him now as he twists and turns is terrible, to reflect that he may well sink much lower still is even worse.

And his is not some malign fate that fell upon him from the heavens. He brought it all on himself. Staggering.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: What nonsense and what lies are you spewing now, Najib? Your administration never pursued the settlement with IPIC. Instead, you just caved in and agreed to pay every dollar claimed by IPIC.

You did this because you knew you had no case. You knew that monies were paid to the fake Abaar companies instead of the genuine entities. Yet you have the cheek to ask the current government to pursue it with IPIC.

As for the yacht, you knew it was bought with stolen 1MDB funds but to save your own skin you made no efforts to claim it for Malaysia. You are one big liar, but the rakyat are no fools. So better save your breath for the court trial.

Anonymous_1528170669: Silence everyone! Truth has indeed possessed Najib’s tongue and it must unleash its fusillade to destroy those maleficent hordes of lies!

And Malaysiakini is indeed playing its role as the veritable purveyor of truth in allowing Najib’s wondrous spiel to reach your eyes and beguile your senses after having itself been willingly shafted in the bargain.

Anonymous_1528170669: Why deny the man time and space precisely when he is about to divulge what really happened? You see for so long the truth was shaped and shaded by various actors and bit-part players, this esteemed portal included.

So mangled was she that truth refused to look at herself in the mirror till at long last, the man at the centre of the maelstrom, rides in, like the proverbial knight in the shining armour, to the rescue.

And truth, like the damsel in distress, is blushing red in mortified horror at the thought that at long last, this knight will voice her thoughts and rescue her blemished reputation and restore her besmirched honour.

For truth to be told, there is nothing more true than nothing ever happened. All the monies are safe, only that they were misplaced by the sleight of hand of a cabal so mischievous and all news regarding their disappearance was nothing but fakery guided as truth.

And that cabal or board will in due course serve time while truth and her knight will live happily ever after, all thanks to this news portal who allowed the repressed voice of Truth sing so loud on its pixels that it drowned the murmurs of many a liar and detractors.

DOJ seeks to suspend Equanimity court proceedings in the US

Clever Voter: It looks like moving the Equanimity to Malaysian territorial waters makes a lot of sense. The government has now given a choice to Low and company to return and continue with their legal process here.

Irrespective of US Department of Justice (DOJ), it looks like Jho Low has no choice but to deal directly with the government here.

Logically speaking, they can claim back their possession if they can prove their funding source. It is unprecedented but practical. But will Low bite?

Anonymous_1421806811: No problem. This is simple. Equanimity Ltd can file its claim in Malaysian courts.

Low has many strong and prominent witnesses to back him up. Najib, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Mohamed Apandi Ali and Arul Kanda. Why worry?

With these four outstanding witnesses, Low has every chance of winning. Come on, persuade Low to make his claim in Malaysia and clear the good name of Najib and wife, Rosmah Mansor, and everybody else.

After all, these people claimed they were innocent only for the devil to intervene.

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