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Yoursay: Public goodwill for Dr M and Harapan may soon erode

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YOURSAY | On hindsight, Rafizi is right to point out Dr M's folly of bulldozing others’ views.

Rafizi: New gov't needs censuring from the start to prevent arrogance

Kim Quek: Amidst widespread public unease on creeping return of Mahathirism, former Pandan MP and PKR leader Rafizi Ramli’s call for relentless public scrutiny of the new regime is timely.

Time of euphoria of electoral victory is over. Time of pre-election BN/Umno bashing is also over. What we must ponder seriously now is: are we heading in the right direction?

Have we done the right thing to speedily reform the hideous system left over by the Umno-led regime? What have we done to remove economic bottlenecks to restore investors’ confidence and reboot the economy?

Has the new regime made an impact on our economy yet? If not, why? Why has the entire cabinet remained mute when Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad repeatedly indulges on impulsive decision-making over major issues apparently without serious deliberation and consultation with the cabinet?

Such as his abrupt announcement on premature immediate zero-rating of GST, abrupt cancellation of KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail project, starting a new national car project, retention of Biro Tatanegara (BTN), procrastinating over the repeal of the unconstitutional National Security Council Act, etc.

It was the previous autocratic rule of Mahathir that built the abominable system that allowed the Najib autocracy to flower and almost sank the nation. Do we want any more of such autocracy?

It is at times like this when the collective leadership of Pakatan Harapan seems to have submerged and the regime becoming apparently directionless that we need leaders with Rafizi’s integrity and calibre to stand up and speak the truth fearlessly.

It is also hoped that the public will remain vigilant and critical whenever criticism is called for to ensure that the powers-that-be that they have elected will serve the purpose for which they have voted them for.

Saya Anak Malaysia: Indeed, we must not go back to the old ways.

Proton 3.0 is the perfect example - creating a national car will not industrialise the country which neither has the capital, skill, intellectual property or history in heavy manufacturing, especially as the internal combustion engine will over time become obsolete.

ABetterFuture: Yes, I fully support Rafizi. Proton 2.0 is a sore point. The Harapan government must ensure the Proton 1.0 debacle is not repeated - quality must be foremost focus not cronies with pure profit in mind, and we can’t impose unfair barriers to force most of us to buy Proton 2.0, etc.

And we must question the idiotic moves such as the suggestion for a dress code for the private sector - we all know what such ‘suggestions’ will lead to little Napoleons forcibly enforcing it as we have seen umpteen times during the kleptocrat regime.

Bamboo: Yes, the goodwill we extended to Dr M and the Harapan government is being abused. On hindsight, Rafizi is right to point out Dr M's folly of bulldozing in his governing in the early days.

Now Dr M is bent of pushing for his pet projects like national car and F1. The more important things like abolishing BTN, National Security Council Act, Sosma, Universities and University Colleges Act, Printing Presses and Publication Act, etc, are put on the back burner.

Spinnot: Indeed, Harapan leaders are not born yesterday. Most of them are veteran politicians and some were in fact senior leaders from BN administration.

Don't be like Najib Razak who only received praises from ball carriers and by the time he realised it, it's already too late.

RedHero: I like Rafizi and appreciate the great work he and Invoke did for GE14. But what other track record does Rafizi have?

Azmin Ali has a superb track record as MB of Selangor and just won the state with outstanding results. Lim Guan Eng, too, was a superb chief minister for Penang and also led to massive victory for Penang in GE14.

I agree with Rafizi that we need to keep Harapan in check to avoid the arrogance of Umno, not in a detrimental way but in a constructive manner - some things, such as policy decisions, etc, are best brought up openly but other party matters must be addressed internally. Thank you, Rafizi.

Susahkes: In the early days of the Harapan government when Rafizi criticised Mahathir, we chided him for being too early in his criticism. At that time, our vexation towards Rafizi might have been justified.

Now, with Proton 2.0/BTN/assets declaration/child marriages/Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu's ignoring-people-antics, Rafizi appears to have found a spot among the public which neither tolerates arrogance nor a lack of accountability.

If Harapan does not learn, then in the next round, we do not have to wait for 60 years to change the government.

One Hand Cover The Sky: @Susahkes should understand that the Harapan government is walking on a tightrope. It's not easy to change the mindset of the rakyat after 60 years of BN rule.

Certain sensitive issue like Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) recognition, assets declaration, child marriages, etc, have got to be solved slowly and cannot be just gotten rid of overnight. The rakyat need time to learn to accept changes.

Kawak: Rafizi, your statement is spot on. Power and position enjoyed by the newly-appointed ministers and deputy ministers can make them lose their sense of balance. It is a human nature.

Start early to keep them on their toes. Some are already giving excuses not to implement some promises made during the last general election. BTN is to be rebranded? The Harapan manifesto said it has to be disbanded!

Anonymous_0a0f2abb: I fully agree with Rafizi. Being a new government, criticism will come from all corners - this is part of check and balance, and the new government should have the ability and capacity to face them.

Anonymous 1890491455255851: I’m all for keeping the government honest. It is evident that when bestowed with power, it is the rare few who do not get corrupted and arrogant from having it.

Just look at what we have had to live with over the last few decades.

It was Umno/BN's utter arrogance that emboldened them to become more and more blatant in its abuses and we must ensure this does not happen again.

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