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Yoursay: 100 days to fix 60 years of rot is unrealistic

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YOURSAY | But Harapan needs to eventually fulfil its promises in the manifesto.

PM appeals for more time to fulfil 100-day pledges

Snowcrash: I can understand the delay for some of Pakatan Harapan's promises that would cost significant sums of money, such as removing tolls.

But why the delay in the recognition of the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)? Why the delay in the repeal of the National Security Council (NSC), Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) and other laws?

And for stopping child marriages? For stopping unilateral conversions? For setting up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)?

While the reasons given for the delays are good, they shouldn't be allowed to be excuses. Pakatan Harapan needs to try harder.

Darmakochi: Yes, we really need more time to settle the disastrous national mess created by the previous government.

At the same time, the present government must formulate good policies for the benefit of the people, now and in the future.

Please make sure all the rogues, big and small, who destroyed our beloved nation are caught and punished without any mercy.

Somucfun: We all know the problems faced by the new Harapan government. What is most important is sincerity; even if the cabinet makes minor mistakes, we can accept it.

In any case, this new government is way better than the previous corrupt and thieving one.

Truenews: You can’t blame the new government for not being able to fulfil its manifesto within the first 100 days, as more and more shocking news of kleptocracy is revealed.

I should think what we have seen is corruption at its highest. Just do your job systemically, and at least now we will be free of corruption, I hope.

Hajile Leumas: We support Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad wholeheartedly. One hundred days to sort out the mess left behind by former premier Najib Razak's government is not enough.

Perhaps in a year or two, you would be more likely to right 60 years of wrongs. Take all the time you need, Dr M, but continue to update us on the progress regularly.

Jagu: Mahathir, in many areas, your team has done beyond what is in the manifesto as there were many unseen follies by BN.

People harp on the abolition of tolls, but without funds, how are you going to compensate the operators? My suggestion is, don't abolish, just reduce the toll rates. This is especially for toll operators who overcharge.

Since taking over Putrajaya, many secret projects were exposed and your team has to address all that, plus planes that don't fly... did we know then? No, so keep up the good work.

GTV3.0: Indeed, 100 days is unrealistic, everyone knows that. But Harapan needs to eventually fulfil most, if not all, of its promises in the manifesto.

Bornean: I have waited 60 years, a few more years won’t hurt. At least, I know changes as promised are coming, unlike the previous government, under which every day I had to worry about the future.

Anonymous_f37de788: Mahathir, you have at least five years, even if we see some progress and the current government give us confidence, we will give Harapan another five years.

Just don't go back to the corrupt ways of BN, and please, no more race-based politics, and no to Proton 2.0.

Fair Play: Perhaps Dr M has changed too – he is appealing, rather than bulldozing through.

But be careful. First check who the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) reports to? Giving them a blank cheque rather than a fixed period might be the most risky thing to do.

Harapan report card: Glass half full or half empty?

New Horizon: We should treat the first 100 days as an introductory chapter in Harapan’s book of governance, and it is good reading.

Chapter 1 actually begins after the first 100 days, where the governing infrastructure is now more or less in place and the players are now on a more solid footing.

Harapan’s apprehension about obtaining just 24 percent of the Malay votes in the 14th general election should not be overplayed, because there is also Umno’s financial and governmental resources in its hands, not to mention the biased Election Commission, and many pro-Umno civil servants – all that worked in their favour then.

Further, many Malays were sceptical whether voting for Harapan then would be a fruitless exercise, as most voters were guided by almost all pundits predicting that BN would return to power.

If Harapan in the next five years is able to govern well and see the lives and welfare of all its citizens, especially the Malays, turn out to be more positive and much better than during BN’s reign, then Harapan can certainly increase its share of the Malay votes, more so when Umno will be financially weaker and PAS still stuck with its caveman mentality.

Anonymous #33227154: The glass is definitely half full. Harapan has been doing a good job since it took over the government, even though some initiatives are not completed yet.

They have started many good reforms in the area of law, and concrete actions have been taken to curb corruption and power abuse.

There were some mistakes too, but we can't expect Harapan to be perfect. Harapan is a new government, they will need time and experience to put things right. Harapan has inherited a big mess from BN-Umno, it's a huge task to clean up the mess caused by the ex-government.

But the new ruling party has done more good in 100 days than BN-Umno had done in 60 years. We voted for change, so let's give Harapan our full support, and have more faith in them. 

Let's not revert to a corrupt BN-Umno government, no matter what.

Sleepy: The fact that Harapan is even moving forward, albeit slow for some, after decades of BN rule is good enough for me, perhaps at least until GE15.

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