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Yoursay: Writing off AES summonses an unnecessary populist move

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YOURSAY | ‘The gov’t is reinforcing a bad culture of non-compliance among drivers.’

All AES summonses cancelled, strict enforcement starting Sept 1

Dr Suresh Kumar: This is hilarious. Transport Minister Anthony Loke thought that he was doing the rakyat a favour with this move, but it may backfire badly, judging from the many comments here.

On one hand, you accept a donation for the Tabung Harapan from a young boy who saved it to purchase a musical instrument, and on the other hand, you are willing to forfeit RM435 million by pardoning lawbreakers.

As it is now, we have some of the worst drivers on our roads. Instead of imposing heavier penalties and demerit points for not paying up, you are in essence condoning their behaviour.

Instead of whipping up the police to carry out their duties diligently, you are actually telling them it's okay to have the “tidak apa” attitude.

What is heartening to see is many commentators here and elsewhere who were once blinded by their prejudice, biases and blind loyalty to politicians have now started to speak up and are questioning politicians such as Loke. I am so very happy to see this.

The politicians should be constantly reminded that they should never insult the intelligence of the people who put them in positions of power to serve the rakyat, and that people power is the ultimate power and that they are our servants.

Well done folks, now I am really seeing the emergence of an authentic, genuine Malaysia Baru. Hope I am not deluding myself.

SBH: Yes, this is not right. What kind of goodwill is this? What kind of message are you sending to the people? How many people are killed and injured in traffic accidents each year?

Many of these deaths are caused by speeding vehicles. How can goodwill be given this way?

I am so sorry for those who are law-abiding and have contributed to Tabung Harapan. The government just threw away RM435 million for no good reason!

Anonymous_db56f03b: Instead of laying down the law to say that you mean business, you are giving away get-out-of-jail-free cards. It's even worse than the discounts the previous administration offered.

You are reinforcing a very bad culture of non-compliance amongst drivers. They will test you out - let’s see if you really mean business or if you are just a lot of hot air.

Anonymous_db56f03b: Why have these 3.1 million summons not been paid? Why did the police not follow up on this, and why should drivers then bother about adhering to the speed limit, if that's the case?

I bet many of these offenders are repeat offenders who thunder down the freeways way above the speed limit. It's going be the same old, same old if the authorities are lax in enforcement.

What a waste of government revenue.

Lionking: Why not use the money to better the roads and help motorcyclists who have the highest mortality rates?

We have patches after patches, and more patches on the patches on most roads. I think this is a populist move which was not required.

Shovelnose: I agree with the cancellation, but you're not clear about the future. Is the Automated Enforcement System (AES) still operational, or will it continue in its current form?

Your enforcement must be implemented by the Transport Ministry, not farmed out to private sectors. Cut out all the rent-seekers.

If you want to penalise drivers with monetary sanctions, it must be just that. The fines should be collected to fund education and improve infrastructure.

Do what a government for the people should do, and not facilitate a monopoly for some to dig gold with.

Patathewoonie: Yes, finally something to cheer about. This is a great piece of news. But please do not limit it to AES fines. Please include all traffic police summons and municipal fines too.

Those who criticise must be very rich. Please care for the poor. This does not involve homicide nor robbery. We want a caring government, and Harapan is the one.

Mano: Patathewoonie - a caring government is one that helps advise and finally carry out the punitive measures to keep all the poor and the rich, including the offenders, from harming themselves and harming others.

If people break rules by not paying on time, mollycoddling them and giving waivers is going to endanger you, me and everyone - rich and poor.

Wira: It's a great gesture. The Penang state government also granted an amnesty to all parking offences in 2008 after Pakatan Rakyat captured the state government. Then Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng was also shocked by the financial situation of the government he inherited.

Look at Penang several years later. You don't “play play” with the enforcement officers there and the state today has the least debt with Putrajaya and is constantly praised by the auditor-general for excellent fiscal management.

When Harapan in Putrajaya gives you a break, take it. Those people have their reasons.

Kangkung: When you keep giving “discounts” for summonses then people will wait and not pay. And it is unfair for law-abiding citizens who duly paid their summonses.

Hopefully, this will be the last and from now on - a rule is a rule.

Royal Salute 21Y: We were against this nonsense because it was "outsourced" to enrich cronies. As Loke said, the Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT) had previously been ordered to pay RM555 million to take over the company whose only assets were the 40 stupid cameras.

Cancel the contract. The Road Transport Department (JPJ) should take over these cameras and enforce the law strictly, punish all lawbreakers, but the fine collected goes to the government coffers instead of cronies.

Name and shame the owners of the original company which was awarded this crazy contract by your predecessor, Liow Tiong Lai.

Absorb the redundant staff from the Land Public Transport Commission (Spad) into JPJ. Let them enforce the law - no more speeding on our highways and no one can get away by beating the traffic lights.

Upgrade your computer systems so that anybody or any vehicle with unpaid summons should not be allowed to renew their licence or road tax.

Puzzling: It appears that to some people, nothing the government does is right. Some who have already paid the summons even have the gall to ask for a refund.

To those who have paid, be very proud of yourselves - you are exemplary citizens. Congratulations! Look at it as your contribution to the nation. Thank you.

For those who have benefited from the waiver, be grateful and thankful and don't commit the offence again.

Don't forget to thank those fellow Malaysians who have helped ease the country's financial burden by dutifully paying the summons. Let's march forward together to a better Malaysia.

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