Hisham: Special forces escorts only temporary, but...

Modified 25 Aug 2018, 1:02 pm

Former defence minister Hishammuddin Hussein has said that the military special forces officers currently serving him are only doing so temporarily.

However, he said he has offered them jobs, which they can only accept if they resign from the Armed Forces.

"They are so close to my family and I, having served us for so many years. They are only with me for a temporary period. 

"I have offered them employment, but if they accept they must resign from the Armed Forces with immediate effect," he said on Twitter.

Hishammuddin was responding to a Malaysiakini article, in which Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu ordered a probe into allegations that two Navy special forces (Paskal) officers and a commando were still serving as his personal escorts.

The three officers had reportedly been attached to Hishammuddin since he became defence minister in 2013.

Sources had told Malaysiakini that the officers were supposed to cease working with him after the Pakatan Harapan government assumed federal power.

However, they have remained in his service, with one source claiming that the officers were pulling in double pay from both Hishammuddin and the Armed Forces.

Mohamad later stated that appropriate action would be taken if the trio were found to have breached any regulations.


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