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Yoursay: Intelligence work at MEIO included alleged money-laundering?

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YOURSAY | ‘It is leadership by example. And we have had some of the worst examples.’

Spy probe’ - MACC seized US$6.3m, looking for another US$5m

FairMind: The "spy chief", Hasanah Abdul Hamid, doesn't know where the remainder of the funds - US$5 million - is?

She is either unwilling to cooperate with MACC because the money has been stashed away and would bring her heavier penalty, or she is one lousy spy chief who doesn't know what was going on in her Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO).

Meanwhile, US$4.07 million has been found in a condominium after the arrest of a businessman in Kelantan. It is strange that no one claims the money or lodges a police report that money had been missing.

StraightTalk: It is downright sickening to read day in and day out about the missing millions, and billions, of ringgit. All this is due to the utter failure of our leaders to uphold integrity.

When the country's leaders have absolutely no qualms about being dishonest and corrupt, the entire nation suffers with emboldened looters everywhere in the government administration.

It is leadership by example. And we have had some of the worst examples.

Dont Just Talk: Good work MACC. Inspector-general of police (IGP) Mohamad Fuzi Harun should also find out how US$12 million could be brought into the country through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) without creating any suspicion – this is dangerous for national security.

Hopefully, MACC is able to recover the missing US$5 million and charge those crooks successfully in court.

Clever Voter: Not a day passes without news of another case of criminal breach of trust (CBT).

It does give an impression of what a crooked government we had. It is no surprise the rot has been that bad, probably a Guinness record for the highest number of crimes committed by a government.

While we applaud the good work, we should also leave no stones unturned to ensure closures to outstanding high-level scandals that include Felda Global Ventures (FGV), Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), etc.

Many of these culprits are still lurking in the corridors of power, but we must see justice done and money returned to its rightful place. Congrats MACC.

Hamster Huey & The Gooey Kablooie: Najib is literally pinned into a corner. He cannot open his mouth and claim the US$12 million that ‘belongs’ to Umno, was actually donations from well-wishers or interests invested abroad.

MACC can track and trace the serial numbers on the US dollar bills right back to its origin - the primary account holder.

Hermes Naros: The whole lot of civil servants should be investigated as about 95% are corrupt. Dealings with them have always been done under the table. Greed was their sworn motto.

N1: Indeed, go after all the Umno ex-ministers and we should be able to recover enough funds to finance the country for the next year.

Appum: This is precisely what "cash is king" means. Umno and its underdogs have plenty of the rakyat’s cash hidden everywhere.

They are inundated with cash and yet the man on the street and the kampung folks are struggling with the spiralling high cost of living and putting food on the table.

Yet former law minister Nancy Shukri had the nerve to urge the Harapan government to stop finding fault with the past government and move on.

What the new government has exposed is only the tip of the iceberg.

Just Me: BN brought in many millions for the general election. Isn’t this against the law? What has the Election Commission (EC) got to say about this?

Anonymous_b497ffa7: I salute our Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) for creating so many millionaires and billionaires when he was in charge of the country.

No wonder there are people who are willing to die for him by carrying out all sorts of tasks on his behalf.

Hoperenewed: It looks like MACC is finally doing its job without political interference. But why is the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) still in slumber?

Arankanathan: The Umno Malays and PAS Islamic leaders and the members must be so proud that the Malays (BN and PAS Malays) can "earn" so much money through "hard work".

Don't Look Back: The most interesting and sensational news in Malaysia is not about killings or murders, it’s about corruption and the people who committed it.

Anonymous_5609e49b: No wonder, our lives are so difficult. They stack money like the way we stack our old newspapers. Then they blame the Chinese for robbing the Malays.

Anonymous_3e12: Looking at the suitcases of money, it reminds me of the time when Najib and family went to Langkawi for holiday, around Raya time, and they brought a huge number of suitcases with them.

The police and MACC should investigate that, too.

Jaguh: Why are federal funds kept in US dollars and overseas? Why did they not use the proper banking channels to bring the money back?

Anonymous 2461031491365771: Good job, MACC. Please take a look at former minister Jamaluddin Jarjis’ RM2.1 billion estate. We would be impressed if you can show us the money trail.

Newday: The trickle of illicit funds that we found out about around the time of GE14 has now turned into a flood. Will it end soon? I doubt it.

Lebai Pencen: All roads lead to Najib. This one man has corrupted the entire civil service and almost bankrupted the country.

Even a lifetime in prison cannot compensate for the damage done to our nation.

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