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Yoursay: If illegal cash can go through KLIA, what about drugs?

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YOURSAY | ‘It is easy to see how corruption in one area infects the entire political body.’

Source: Ex-spies brought in US$12m from foreign source via Mid East

StraightTalk: This is truly shocking and is an audacious breach of our national security. US$12 million (RM50 million) is a huge sum of money and was brought into the country as cash!

It doesn’t matter if it was brought through Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or any other airport in the country or through other means. Obviously, all security procedures have been heavily compromised.

If such frightening security breaches can occur, what if the same channels and methods are used for import of drugs and weapons for all kinds of illegal purposes?

What was the purpose for bringing in such a huge amount in cash? Why was the transfer not done through bank accounts? Who or what was the source of this US$12 million? Who was the actual recipient?

The police and MACC should conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation and bring all the scoundrels involved to book.

Annonnymous 080: "The question now is on the breach of our national security. First, there is an issue of how the money was brought into our country undetected," said a senior police officer.

What a stupid question. We all know how these monies are brought in so easily - the officers will close their eyes if anyone in authority says so.

Anonymous_064a141e: It looks like the intelligence work those at the Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO) were doing allegedly involved money-laundering activities.

Indeed, these people must be brought to justice and the ex-PM owes Malaysians some answers.

Kurt Schwitters: Now it is easy to see how corruption in one area infects the entire political body, destroying the people's ability to trust any part of the government whatsoever.

That is why swift and just trials are needed badly.

Anonymous_65081243: Would it be too stupid to suggest that Saudi Arabia has once again been caught buying religious influence?

I can't help but feel that it is at the centre of many of our problems. Might certain Saudis have been using this and a lot of other money to fund some of our so-called leaders to stay in power in return for strengthening the Wahhabi brand and influence across our country?

This is just a continuation of the divisive influence they started in the 80s - a time when we were innocent and played together as children, irrespective of our religion or race.

RZee: Stop calling them spies and intelligence officers. They are thieves and crooks if they knew where the money came from and arranged its transfer to Malaysia and fixing the airport clearance.

These are Umno creations who follow their leader, Najib Razak. Haven’t there been enough proof for his supporters to see how destructive Umno was? And they still want to sell bracelets to pay for Najib’s bail?

It appears there is one rule for the rakyat and another for Najib and his merry men and party. The rot is through and through, and caused entirely by Umno and their silent running dogs, MIC and MCA.

I am sure that if one digs into every BN leaders bank accounts, etc, billions can be recovered for the country. I say to the new government, do it. Recover the stolen monies and the dishonest wealth.

Let MACC investigate Hasanah, says her ex-boss Najib

Vijay47: Najib, so you don't know anything about the CIA letter, and you did not ask anyone to write it.

But the US$12 million was for the Umno elections war chest. You don't know anything about that either? I am not sure about your being the prime minister then, but you were at least the Umno president, yes?

Ash Burn: Indeed, where did the money come from? Why was Hasanah holding that money? Was it personal? Was it done at someone’s behest?

Who did she meet prior to coming to hold or use the money? Who else knew about the money? Was it a simply self-enrichment or for some ‘national’ agenda?

Clever Voter: Hasanah did what was expected, not what was written. She paid the price of being caught. It is unfortunate, but she is on her own. No one will come to her rescue.

The arrangement is that if you are caught, you have to figure the way out yourself. But if you not caught, it's a good life all the way. That's the unwritten rule.

Wg321: There is no way Hasanah will not implicate Malaysian Official 1 (MO1). She knows who the giver and who the receiver of the money are.

Just before the 14th general election, the giver of the money cannot send the money to the receiver through the international banking system because of the eagle eyes of US Department of Justice (DOJ) which are watching.

No more ‘American pies’ to Ambank. So the giver and receiver of the money were forced to use "human mules" from the intelligence units in the PM’s Department to physically carry the money into the country maybe through diplomatic bags.

I think five days in the lock-up will be enough to convince her to cooperate with MACC. If I am her, I will negotiate with MACC to be a state witness.

Falcon: I wonder how long this will go on? Malaysiakini runs a story and this is followed by a huge barrage of comments.

There is herein a trial by media. The same with other stories. They feed the angry mob who want their pound of flesh, no doubt.

This is no different when the former occupants of power did. But should we not be different if truly this is a "new Malaysia?" And the rule of law states that one is innocent until proven guilty? No?

Or is this all a charade to divert attention of chaos, administrative incompetence and political infighting of the new tenants in Putrajaya?

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