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'Melayu Bangkit' - DAP wants Tajuddin probed over seditious remarks
Published:  Sep 3, 2018 6:42 AM
Updated: 10:18 AM

DAP Perak publicity bureau chief Chong Zhemin today lodged a police report against BN Pasir Salak parliamentarian Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (above) for claiming that DAP now controls the government and wants to set up a republic in Malaysia.

The Keranji state assemblyperson called for Tajuddin to be probed under Sedition Act 1948 and Section 504 of Penal Code for intentional insulting with the intent to provoke a breach of peace.

Section 504 of Penal Code carries the maximum jail sentence of two years.

In his police report lodged at the Ipoh District Police Headquarters, Chong said Tajuddin's speech during the Himpunan Melayu Bangkit rally at his constituency last night was disturbing.

"His speech not only fabricated lies but was also outright seditious, trying to stir up racial sentiments and create conflict among the different races in Malaysia," said Chong.

Tajuddin had declared that the Malays lost power with the DAP holding five or six positions in the cabinet.

"They want to set up a republic. They want the head of state a non-Malay and non-Muslim like it is in Singapore," he claimed.

"Do we want a head of state who is non-Malay and non-Muslim to become the protector of Malays and Islam?" Tajuddin had asked the crowd.

'Stern rebut'

Chong also trained his guns on MCA.

"MCA in the past has been telling the Chinese community that DAP is a stooge of Mahathir and Bersatu but Umno, on the other hand, tells the Malays that DAP has now controlled by the Pakatan Harapan government," said Chong.

"This double-faced tactic employed by MCA and Umno is aimed at stirring racial sentiments. It is dangerous and perilous and could potentially tear the nation apart," he said.

"I urge MCA's sole parliamentarian Wee Ka Siong to immediately state his stand on whether he agrees with Tajuddin’s remark that DAP has now controlled the Harapan government.

"If Wee does not agree, he must immediately issue a stern rebut against Umno," he said.

There is no dominant party in Harapan unlike BN which is dominated by Umno which calls the shots, he said.

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