Yoursay: No tolls had BN not run nation into colossal debt


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YOURSAY | ‘Lopsided toll concessions was one of the many reasons we rammed BN down in GE14.'

Ahmad Maslan urges voters who don’t like tolls to ‘just ram through’

HangTuahPJ: According to Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan, Works Minister Baru Bian said in Parliament that removing the tolls would cost RM400 billion and the government could not afford it. The Umno politician then said Pakatan Harapan had “lied to all Malaysians”.

But no one had expected the BN government to have run up debts and liabilities of up to a trillion ringgit. We all thought it wouldn't be that stupid to have wreaked so much havoc to the economy, so a lot of promises that were made by Harapan, for the moment, could not be fulfilled. 

Ahmad, I am now asking you, how come you and your comrades were so stupid to the extent of nearly bankrupting such a resource-rich country? Where has all the money gone? Answer that first.

Worried Sick: Ahmad Maslan is asking BN supporters to ram through toll booms and break the law, but added they are on their own if they get arrested by the police. What an unmitigated moron.

True, Harapan promised to give us a toll-free country, but when you (BN) loot the government coffers dry, what choice does Harapan have but put the promise on the back burner?

The Wakandan: The reason for not yet abolishing the toll is because BN leaders hid the RM18 billion in GST refunds and the RM16 billion in tax refunds, and the present government has to clean up the mess that you had made.

All that money would be more than enough to abolish the tolls. So blame your ex-leader Najib Razak, the finance minister of your day.

Anonymous 1802761448130592: Yes, if the previous BN government had kept proper accounts and been transparent about the financial situation of our country, Harapan would not have promised to abolish tolls.

Nobody in Harapan before May 9 knew that the previous BN regime had rung up such a colossal debt, and with billions hidden only God knows where.

Even Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, after taking over Putrajaya, said, "From the outside we saw the damage, but we never expected the damage to be so extensive."

Sad & Crazy: Indeed, Harapan cannot remove the tolls because they didn't expect that the previous corrupt regime had taken so much of money from our treasury. They dug a big hole and this has made it difficult for Harapan to manage the country.

As responsible rakyat, we shall continue to pay toll until the country under the new government is financially healthy.

Patathewoonie: We don't mind paying toll, and would rather prefer the government to take over the toll operations from Umno's cronies, as paying toll to the government can save the country, while paying Umno cronies only make their families fat.

Fair Play: Ahmad Maslan, I support you 100 percent. But why not put your money where your mouth is? Show your bravery and leadership.

Why not be the first to ram through the toll gate and see what happens to you after one month in prison?

Appum: Look at Ahmad's mentality. Someone the level of a former minister encouraging the people to go against the law by ramming through the toll gates.

If he is intelligent and capable, knowing the drastic financial conundrum the Harapan government is facing and knowing it is due to the government of his era, would he have the audacity to promote such a line of action?

If this man has broken the law, please haul him up. He deserves to get the sort of treatment in jail faced by many of the previous opposition members.

Rick Teo: This man should be charged and convicted for inciting people to go against the law. The police (PDRM) should not entertain such behaviour from Umno opposition members.

Umno leaders such as Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Annuar Musa and now Ahmad Maslan should all be charged for sedition.

Their behaviour will eventually cause bloodshed if not handled properly.

[email protected]: Lopsided toll concessions was one of the many reasons we rammed BN down in GE14.

Darmakochi: Yet another stupid suggestion from Ahmad Maslan. Over the years, BN had also made a lot of promises but did not follow through after winning the elections.

Harapan made that promise without realising the amount of the country's money lost under the BN government.

The average Malaysian like me will accept it if Harapan does not abolish the tolls for some time.

I Luv Malaysia: Ahmad, if BN didn't steal billions from us, not only would we get free tolls, we would get free tertiary education as well.

Anonymous_1421806811: Only a cowardly leader would tell his supporters to do something, and then say he would not be responsible if they do it. The concept of leadership by example is alien to Ahmad Maslan; a man without any leadership qualities.

He is one of the remaining sucker fishes in the stagnant pool of Umno, where all the good fish have died of pollution, and which survives on the stench left behind.

Nes: This is typical Umno's operating tactic. Use the people to do the dirty work for them, and then let them hang high and dry. If only it were not so toxic, it would have been comical.

Anonymous: What kind of a reasoning is this? We all hate the tolls, but you do not get leaders like then opposition leader DAP MP Lim Kit Siang telling us to do this when BN was in charge.

Ahmad is a really despicable person, and he calls himself an MP? Good luck to you, as even if I do not like Harapan in future, I would still not vote for BN as you represent everything that's wrong with the country.

Goldee: Whoever voted for Ahmad Maslan must feel ashamed for choosing him as their representative.

To redeem themselves, they have to vote him out and discard this garbage for good in the next general election.

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