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Yoursay: Don’t forget to cane errant politicians too

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YOURSAY | Cane them at the stadium whenever they steal money or accept ‘dedak’ from Umno.

Kelantan mulls syariah caning at a stadium

Abasir: The Kelantanese are fast learners and innovators. My beef is with the spectator seating at the latest moderate Islamic flogging of bound women.

The Romans got it right so many centuries ago. A Colosseum-like layout (which allowed the Roman peasantry 360-degree viewing options) would be an improvement.

So a multi-tiered stadium with large-screen projection and zoom-in views will certainly be an improvement.

And, if there are stadium lights to illuminate the ones on the receiving end of "Islamic education", high-definition microphones to capture muted moans as each whack descends with so much compassion, the people will be pleased and "God's" work will be done.

These beasts of "pray" are all around, not just in Kota Bharu. Based on, my trend spotting, I predict this most recent "development" is likely to catch on.

With the cost of living the way it is, with money getting harder to come by, with mat rempits unable to afford their thrills, the masses need to be entertained on the cheap.

And with local football unlikely to get out of its amateur-hour state, the empty stadiums need to be repurposed to enable them to come alive once again, with the roar of thousands.

What better way to achieve all that than with some compassionate flogging – after dinner, of course.

Anonymous: Please broadcast the public caning. Make it as loud as possible. If TV networks do not want to do it, live streaming will get you extensive coverage.

FaceBook has a two-billion audience. Worldwide coverage will do the trick. We should not wait – do it now.

Anonymous_d9858528: Perhaps PAS could charge an admission fee and donate the proceeds to Tabung Harapan. They probably will have a sell-out audience by current standards.

Worried Sick: These people are nothing but perverted Talibans. Today, caning; tomorrow, chopping off limbs and then, stoning with bodies buried (except the head).

I am feeling so sorry for the people of Terengganu and Kelantan. But you reap what you sow. You voted them in, didn't you?

Kahlil Gibran: We will eventually become an Islamic state. Why? Because the Islamic curriculum is very potent in our national schools.

Malays are generally brainwashed to just follow when it comes to their religion.

Neither is the Pakatan Harapan government wanting to make the necessary reforms in the education policy. When it comes to education, both Harapan and BN are rubbish.

Anonymous: Can we also have the chopping of hands of the corrupted leaders of 1MDB and their cohorts: the ex-attorney-general and MACC officials in the Kelantan stadium (once our legal system finds them guilty)?

This will surely make Malaysia famous. Many Islamic countries will view Malaysia as an exemplary nation in the Islamic world.

Dirtbag: Yes, don’t forget to cane ministers, too, in the stadium whenever they steal money or accept ‘dedak’ (animal feed) from Umno.

Cicak Boy: It looks like we are seeing the similarities between PAS, Taliban and Islamic State (IS). First, drag Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) in and cane the crap out of him.

Next, do the same to his chief supporter, Abdul Hadi Awang, and the entire PAS leadership for not speaking up against MO1.

Wira: Caning and the introduction of hudud seem to be the only challenge for the Kelantan government in the next five years. No need to push for investments and job opportunities.

Baiyuensheng: Malaysia has had caning as a punishment long before, I don’t see many people complaining about it. But if your complaint is on the legality of syariah in a two-track system, then state it.

Does Malaysia secular law apply to one section of the population and Islamic law to the another? Can you choose? Which has precedence? Which is superior?

These are the nagging questions that allow chaotic situations to arise due to mishandling of the country’s judiciary system and allowing the two-track systems.

Initially, it seems harmless: taking care of marriage, divorce, family matters. Now it evolves into a monster, threatening the very foundation of Malaysia’s constitutional secular system.

Jin Kebun: This is nothing short of public entertainment and it isn't Islamic. Public caning under the guise of Islam in Aceh shows the mob baying for blood with each strike of the cane.

Yet the Islamic officials say it is gentle and harmless. What are the sultans, as heads of the religion in their respective states, doing about this? Their silence equals consent.

Fair Play: What if the sultans of Johor, Selangor and Perak opposed public canning and directed their respective legislative assemblies to amend the relevant syariah law?

After all, the Selangor sultan was reported to have directed the state assembly to change the syariah law to raise the minimum marriageable age from 16 years to 18 years for Muslim women.

Is the sultan not the head of Islam? This will put a full stop to the attempts by PAS and Umno to try to usurp the power of the respective sultans from their rightful role as the heads of Islam.

Let put it in another way - Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, and likely Perlis, will support public caning of the LGBTs. The rest under Harapan-controlled states would likely stay neutral.

Sooner, rather than later, Malaysia will morph into two political divides – Islamic and non-Islamic Malaysia. Or to put it in another way, an economically-advanced and a less economically-developed Malaysia.

The less economically-developed states will primarily focus on their religious practices and obligations in accordance, while the more economically-advanced states will focus on the rule of law and the best economic principles and practices.

Welcome to the New Malaysia!

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