Anwar urges action against wrongdoers in PKR polls

Modified 22 Oct 2018, 2:23 am

PKR's election committee and disciplinary committee have been told to act against those who had committed wrongdoing during the party's election process. 

In a statement today, PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim said the party leadership's instruction was for the party election to be conducted in a transparent, clean, and fair manner.

"All votes have to be identified and counted," he said. 

"(As such,) the election committee and disciplinary committee are urged to act against whoever breached the disciplinary process of party election, regardless of their position in the party," he said. 

He said a large part of the party election process was conducted satisfactorily. 

"However, several confusions in relation with the implementation of biometric system and undetectable votes occurred. The issues have been resolved by referring directly to the voters' tablets," he said. 

Tensions ran high at the PKR polls which witnessed a close fight between PKR's incumbent deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali and deputy president contender Rafizi Ramli. 

Chaos broke out at three of six Selangor PKR divisions that went to polls yesterday, believed to be due to clashes between supporters of Azmin and Rafizi.



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