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Yoursay: Ex-MO1 still living in his own bubble

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YOURSAY | Najib, when you are already in a deep hole, stop digging.

BN defeated due to lies, slanders, and empty promises: Najib

Anonymous 1802761448130592: What a joke this is (that BN was defeated due to lies, slanders and empty promises)!

It was and had always been a field levelled in favour of BN - with gerrymandering, malapportionment and huge political funds stacked against Pakatan Harapan.

Harapan won because we Malaysians were smart enough to see what Umno had done to our country and we, contrary to what Najib claimed, were able to discern the truths from the lies.

Gerard Lourdesamy: What level-playing field? The gerrymandering and malapportionment of seats done in collusion with Election Commission (EC); misuse of government machinery; control of the media; bribing voters with cash and gifts; and intimidation of the opposition parties, their leaders and supporters, is this former PM Najib Razak's idea of being fair?

The fools who still believe this man must be equally stupid and corrupt like him. 1MDB was a lie? You, your wife and family's untold wealth and privilege was slander? What false promises?

You racked up a debt of RM1 trillion and sold the country to China. What do you expect Harapan to do? Borrow more money and end up like Zimbabwe?

Anonymous 2439891477538802: Indeed, Najib must be insane or stupid to say that BN had an uneven playing field at the last general election.

How could he assume that the Malaysian public will buy his story when he controlled the media, RTM, TV3, MCMC, the police and the AG's Chambers.

If he thinks the people are stupid enough - and he is certainly insulting their intelligence - to believe what he says, then he is in great need of psychiatric treatment, which is not a bad idea as he can plead insanity when he is found guilty of all the charges in court relating to the 1MDB scandal.

Diabolocracy: The party which had billions at its disposal crying unfair playing field! You seriously need to get your head checked, or have all your half-decent speech writers and consultants left?

NajibNomics: Oh wow. I hope you find peace in your soul each time you utter words like this. Guilt would have pinned you down so hard if your conscience can still be heard.

But alas, it sounds like the blood flowing through your veins is thicker and has washed away all the tiny bits of conscience that you still have.

When you stand before your Maker at the end of time, I hope all the memories of your works on earth will not torment you.

Anonymous*: Najib, when you are already in a deep hole, stop digging.

When is someone close to Najib going to have the balls to tell him to shut up, show some very long overdue humility and say whatever he has to say when in court?

Apart from a few deranged lunatics, 99.9 percent of Malaysians don't believe a word of anything he says and rate his credibility and competence to comment on anything other than the weather as zero.

Shut up, please - it is embarrassing to think you were once PM.

Will Najib explain why he betrayed Umno, BN and Malaysia?

The Wakandan: Harapan’s loss in GE13 proved to be a blessing in disguise and a false hope for Umno-BN.

GE13 rather than GE14 was perhaps the height of opposition power, an election for them to lose. They lost it nevertheless, thus convincing Najib and Umno that the Malays would stick to the well-tested political formula in Umno.

The alternatives were just too risky and untrustworthy to be able to provide a government that looked into their interest. The thinking was that even if the devil himself led Umno, he would win the election.

And devilish things that Najib did - stopping the investigation into 1MDB, sacking the investigators who might find him complicit in the crime, removing his political opponents, shackling the media that might report on the truth and more.

Perhaps, Najib believed his own lies, and who could blame him after the victory in GE13? He was untouchable.

The loot he amassed in his house was kept there and deemed to be safe. He had completely misjudged the sentiment of the people even when Dr Mahathir Mohamad jumped on the Harapan bandwagon.

If he could disparage Anwar Ibrahim, a once popular Umno leader, into a stigma, so too the same could be done to Mahathir.

The rest was history, GE14 result shocked Najib. Had he anticipated it just before the election, he could have engineered a coup or declared an emergency to stay in power because the stake was just too high for him.

As it was, it was a half-hearted attempt to sabotage the GE14 results but eventually Mahathir was sworn in as the new PM.

Mahathir, an old hand in politics who did those dirty tricks himself, pre-empted any attempt to stymie him from being sworn in. And Najib finally lost.

Anon: Actually, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang, we don't care and want Najib’s explanation.  Everything will be revealed when the trial begins. The majority of the people want him convicted for his alleged crimes and serve his time in prison.

Najib will be an example to the country's judiciary system to uphold the rule of law and that is why all those involved in this monumental scam must be held accountable and make to return the money and serve time in prison, be it in this country or overseas.

FellowMalaysian: For many years, Najib resorted to his sleight of hands and skilfully undermined and emasculated the various institutions of checks and controls and his manipulations were so effective that none of these "guardians of the people and government" ever gave him any worry and not even an ant's bite on his fingers.

Some of these heads of enforcement and regulatory bodies have now been sacked by the Harapan government, but they should be hauled up for questioning soon as they may have committed wrongdoings, albeit under instructions from Najib during his years in office.

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