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Yoursay: Daim is right, but not that easy to forget BN’s wrongdoings

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YOURSAY | ‘Many of the sins of the past will haunt us for years to come.’

Harapan gov't must cease the blame game - Daim

Anonymous 1802761448130592: It is noble and saintly for one not to blame another for the wrongs done, move on and forget the past. But is it that simple?

As stated by our prime minister recently, the damage done to the country’s financial and administrative systems by the previous government could have “destroyed” Malaysia.

The effects of these damages will be felt for a very long time to come, and some may not even be felt now but much later.

So it is only right and proper the blame for these damages be pinned on the right persons or else the Pakatan Harapan government would inadvertently be blamed by the rakyat later.

A good example is the huge debts incurred by the Umno-BN government and its ill-effects will affect us for many years to come.

The Wakandan: Sure, the Harapan government can move on but sometimes explanation is needed on the reasons why certain things just cannot be done due to the old government’s abuses and mistakes.

For example, the huge RM1 trillion debt accumulated or the over RM35 billion GST and tax refunds, which had been misappropriated and need to be returned to the people now.

The losses of these monies do affect the government's capability in doing other things that they must do.

If the finance minister did not tell the rakyat about the GST and tax refund, we would not know about them because these were done secretly.

Ksn: Yes, I look forward to Harapan governing with policies that benefit all our people without abuses of funds and laws. Social justice must be the theme.

But all those who abused funds, laws, were corrupt in the past and must be punished without exclusion, and without interference from the politicians in the present government.

Are they up to it? That’s the question.

Muruga: Harapan, stop wasting time and honour the manifesto, especially promises that involve amendments and abolition to repressive laws.

Oscar Kilo: Yes, Harapan needs to deliver on its promises, but it is not so simple to just forget the past.

Many of the sins of the past will haunt us for years to come. Their consequences will continue to affect us. For example, 1MDB debts will have to be repaid.

You can't just "forget the past". Your creditors will certainly not forget the debt you owe them.

Pakcik Am: Former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, wise words. But unless justice is done and is seen to be done, investors, local and foreign, will have no confidence.

Cocomomo: With all the damage done by the corrupted regime, the anger is understandable. The guilty must pay.

At the same time, there should be reconciliation and we should move forward. We should not let the past hold us back.

Daim’s advice is timely. GE14 was almost six months ago. Let’s focus on the future.

And let MACC and other bodies bring the past thieving leaders to justice as a lesson not just to BN but to Harapan as well so that they do not become BN.

Anonymous_c9b96c38: The biggest reason we kicked out the previous government was the corruption and the need to catch those who had gained through corruption.

These corrupt officials and cronies and their families must not be let off so easily. Or worse still, be allowed to serve in the government and public institutions.

Newday: It is very difficult to stop the blame game at this time. It may be a bit premature. Many issues are still being uncovered.

Give Harapan a year to get us on the right track. If the blaming is still happening, then it would be time for all to remind Harapan to move on and start governing.

Love for Malaysia: Daim, you are correct – the past is past. The new government shall concentrate on the future.

Proper studies needed on property crowdfunding, says Daim

Ravinder: Real estate crowdfunding is not a world first started by Malaysia, as claimed. It has been going on for some time in several countries.

Fools jump in where angels fear to tread. The government must not jump at "innovative" ideas presented by the business people and sell them to the wage earners who might end up as big losers.

Would the government provide any kind of guarantee to the 20 percent investors that they will not lose out or even become bankrupt?

New World Order: This sounds like a subprime crisis in the making. It is anyone’s guess whether a low-cost house can appreciate more than the bank interest rate over five years.

What if many are facing foreclosure after five years? Banks might auction off the houses and many will be indebted.

The one who will benefit most are the developers as they get to offload their unsold highly-priced houses.

Anonymous_1529132749: For every successful innovative idea, there are 10 failed ones. The Harapan government should exercise prudence not to put all eggs in one basket.

There should be multi-pronged approaches even if the innovative idea is successfully implemented.

And what if the idea does not work? What are Plan B and Plan C?

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