Yoursay: Rosmah and Co give new meaning to ‘makan duit’



YOURSAY | ‘Much has been said about Rosmah Mansor and they are not nice things…’

Rosmah, Ku Nan and two others charged

Lionking: It is indeed a sad day for Malaysia. The elected representatives have abused the rakyat’s trust by indulging in corrupt practices whereas the rakyat are making ends meet with RM1,100 a month.

The rakyat are trying to build a future for their children and here, we have the people who have been fooling the rakyat by gulping up millions.

Why such unimaginable greed? Money that could be used for building the nation is deemed siphoned by just a handful of trusted leaders.

Where are the checks and balances? What about the royal institutions which are supposed to be one of the “controls” to carry such checks and balances?

It is truly shameful, especially so when these very same people often chant the mantra “country and religion”. It made us all fools.

The Wakandan: Now that the crimes and irregularities are out in the open, the extent of the evil and corruption committed by people in high places can only boggle the mind of us Malaysians.

If not for this trial, we may never know what really happened or who were involved and responsible for eating the money (makan duit) literally.

Vijay47: Once again, I have only two issues to fret my little mind over. First, is there anyone in Umno who doesn't have a diplomatic passport?

Muhammad Shafee 'Hot Shot' Abdullah had one, ostensibly because he was some ambassador at large or something like that though it is unlikely he will be at large for much longer.

Now it appears that even former Federal Territories minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor had such an exalted passport - what was his contribution to international relations?

Secondly, to follow Adnan’s favourite word, a proposal. Yes, we all want justice with regard to 1MDB but I would humbly suggest that such justice be tempered with mercy.

Najib’s and wife’s appearances at the various courts will see many encores and I would therefore propose that they be not subjected to too much inconveniences.

So perhaps suitable accommodation can be arranged for them in the court premises, the fridge suitably stocked with chocolates. And quinoa, of course.

Kangkung: No wonder Rizal Mansor was the strongest defender of Rosmah Mansor as there were millions to be made for himself. Imagine, as Rosmah’s aide, he solicited RM25 million and more for himself.

Charge sheet suggests Rosmah bagged RM6.5m after soliciting RM187.5m

Clever Voter: The embattled Najib family is not only a disgrace, they also don't even know what's the meaning of shame.

It's another repeat of history where corrupt politicians and their families were caught for their shameless behaviour, and in some countries, they would have been dragged out to the open to be hung.

Rosmah, etc, can count herself lucky. Her entire family does know the difference between decent and immoral living. They do have an extended family of dependents to cheer and support them but the reality is these are all paid cheerleaders; they will be gone as soon as money dries up.

Everyone knows their overindulgence, greed and unethical behaviours. Rule of law gives them the opportunity to defend themselves; otherwise, they would have faced even more severe consequences.

Jehangir: It is absolutely disgraceful because the project to provide solar energy to poor rural schools may have even be used as a pretext to get the huge allocation from the education budget.

Why, for example, was the allocation for solar energy bigger than the budget for schools themselves?

This sum of RM1.5 billion can more than pay for decent classrooms and salaries of good teachers to serve in these rural schools.

There are double sins committed in this whole episode. First, they conspired to get the allocation justified, then took their indecent cuts from this allocation.

The then education minister should be hauled up as being equally culpable. People who aggrandise wealth on the backs of the poor deserve more than life-long imprisonment.

Generations after this should remember how and why Umno fell, it’s the same story; greed, avarice, tyranny, stealing from the poor, and absolute lack of conscience about the wrongs and rights of humanity.

Monty: How sweet is this? The MACC must be aware that these proceedings bring joy and relief to Malaysians. For too long, we have been bullied and taken for rides by this corrupt family and PM.

Justice is on its way of being served to all of them. And for others in the former government don't look so smug. The MAAC is also on the way to your house. Life is beautiful again.

Headhunter: One very glaring situation from all these is the MACC and its predecessor the ACA (Anti-Corruption Agency) was just a toothless tiger pandering to those in power. If not for the change in government, they would still be dancing to Umno's tune.

I hope they make up for their past mistakes by pursuing all these corruption and power abuse cases with dedication and professionalism. The rakyat will forgive them if they do.

Vote BN Out: The prosecution's strategy is simple. Once you have the money trail evidence, ask the giver of the bribe, “You want to turn prosecution witness or be charged as well?”

As the giver is usually a businessperson whose loyalty is only to the currency note, he will readily squeal on the corrupt taker, although in law he is equally as guilty.

What happened in Tan Eng Boon's case might have its peculiar set of circumstances. Who knows, and for that matter, who cares.

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