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'Not without us': OKU activists press Harapan for greater inclusivity

In conjunction with the International Day of Disabled Persons – observed around the world on Dec 3 to raise awareness on the rights of people with disabilities – activists say Putrajaya needs to be more aggressive in engaging disabled people and other stakeholders.

Damai Disabled Persons Association Malaysia president V Murugeswaran said the new government is still very "naive" when it comes to dealing with issues concerning people with disabilities, and as such, it needs to engage with the community more to understand them better.

"Nothing about us without us. We have to be there. If you do not include us... you are never going to solve our problems.

"When you do things based on your assumptions, you think it is good, but every time we use it, we find that it has failed," Murugeswaran said to Malaysiakini when contacted yesterday...

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