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Yoursay: How can a national park be de-gazetted so surreptitiously?

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YOURSAY | ‘No Harapan assemblypersons against it? Then they are the same as BN politicians.’

TMJ: Pulau Kukup will soon fall under sultanate land

Lovemalaysia2: Why has this been done? The Johor government better make sure this park is left untouched.

Is anyone following the UN conference in Poland? Humanity is facing mass extinction in the natural world due to climate change.

Mangroves are one of the best absorbers of carbon dioxide so they must not be touched.

Sinan Belawan: Outrageous! Have the environmental organisations been silenced by the Harapan government?

The first Mahathir era from 1981 to 2003 saw the loss of forests including wetlands, flora, fauna, rivers, seas and rivers polluted due to rapid industrialisation, etc. Will the second Mahathir era see the depletion of whatever natural resources we have left?

Oil cannot replace lost natural resources. Mangrove swamps protect us from floods, strong winds, hurricanes, and tsunamis, and provide important resources for coastal communities, etc.

We must fight the destruction of Pulau Kukup.

Newday: Why would you de-gazette Ramsar wetlands? Johor government, have you got rocks in your collective heads? It is critical that these wetlands be protected as fully as possible – they are the nursery of life.

Don't you dare allow fish farms or other industry to invade these pristine wetlands. This is a terrible decision for the environment.

The UK managing of land on behalf of the crown is partially correct. The crown, in that case, being the country's royal family. In our case, you can substitute the people/rakyat for the term crown as the crown is represented by the people.

In fact, all reserve lands are administered by local councils, counties and the country's government. They are managed under strict environmental laws as well.

Ramsar Wetlands get extra special attention for management purposes due in part to their rarity, fragility and the diverse ecology that they support.

Here, all of a sudden, a national park which is managed by the government on behalf of the people, turns into another addition to a sultan’s property portfolio.

As a national park, the area is already well-protected. Now it is subject to the whims of a private (though quite public) person. It just does not make sense.

I am gladdened that it appears to be safe in the sultan’s hands, but it still does not make sense to de-gazette it.

Mano: Permaisuri Johor Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah, you seem and sound more down-to-earth and more connected to the very ordinary of ordinary of your subjects.

Is this acceptable and agreeable? Are we not living in a country administered by a democratically-elected government with a constitutional monarchy and other sultanates?

Lawyer: Putrajaya must intervene and save Pulau Kukup

Salam: Pulau Kukup has some of the largest mangrove forests in the world (it might be largest one in the world now).

The state should push to get it listed as a UN Biosphere Reserve and encourage local scholars and researchers to set up a R&D (research and development) centre near the area.

Anonymous 7478653098613829: De-gazette a national park? Great work, Johor government under Harapan.

More ugly development for the island? Who will profit from the de-gazetting? I am really surprised and disappointed that a national park can just be de-gazetted so surreptitiously.

No Harapan state assemblypersons who are against the de-gazetting? It looks like they are not much different from the BN politicians.

I would have expected the government to have informed the public of the proposed de-gazetting and the reason for the exercise. Then I would have expected the government to carry out a referendum for the public to decide if the de-gazetting should be carried out.

Nothing was done and not even a reason was given for the de-gazetting. This is an important park. What a sudden decision to carry out the de-gazetting. This is really disappointing.

Hplooi: Johor has been (and still is) a major destroyer of wetlands, all in the name of “development” ("waterfront" properties being a prime example).

The destruction goes beyond just local fisheries but is international. We are indeed exploiting future assets meant to be the sustenance of future generations.

Fish and seafood will in future become unaffordable for many. In addition, with rising sea levels, many waterfront properties will face severe flood risks (refer to Florida).

It is not just Johor but Sabah, too, is an egregious environmental offender with its destruction of wetlands.

Enlighten: Pulau Kukup’s mangrove forest should be preserved at all cost. Already lots of coastal areas have been destroyed in Johor due to land reclamation. Many forms of wildlife have lost their habitats.

AnonyMas: Was the Harapan government just smoke and mirrors? And when the show is over, the rakyat wakes up to the find the same bunch under a different name ruining the country.

Newday: Please, please, federal government – get involved. Find answers to the question of why was it de-gazetted. This does not make sense on so many levels.

These Ramsar Wetlands are the nurseries of current and future aquatic generations. Stuff these up and local fisherfolk will have to find other occupations within 10 to 15 years.

Hplooi: Indeed, local fisheries will be hugely impacted by the destruction of wetlands. And we know who is the prime beneficiary of this "wetland-grab".

Hint! Hint! Forest City, ring a bell? So much for Bangsa Johor.

Headhunter: They are destroying a national treasure. And this comes from Harapan state government? This looks like the start of land grabbing again. The menteri besar has to answer for this.

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