Rafizi to Tabung Haji: Set up independent body to audit haj operations


Former Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli has proposed that national pilgrimage fund Tabung Haji form an independent body to audit its haj (pilgrimage) management operations to ensure that it has no elements of corruption, misappropriation, and profiteering from commissions.

In his Facebook posting, Rafizi said this will help ensure that the haj cost for each pilgrim is correct and does not contain alleged elements of profiteering from the previous management.

"I would like to remind the Tabung Haji management and the Harapan government that a responsible action must include a study on every cost involved in the haj operation management.

"Is the flight ticket at its best price? Has the accommodation cost in Mecca been best negotiated? Do other costs charged on the pilgrims offer the best in term of value?" he said.

Rafizi said he is concerned about the possibility that Tabung Haji may raise the price of the haj package due to its financial situation, which he described as seemingly severe.

"For now, with each RM1 debt carried by the Tabung Haji, the asset value it has (and can be disposed, if needed) to pay the debts is just 80 sen.

"This means, Tabung Haji cannot afford to pay its debts now."

Rafizi outlined several implications due to Tabung Haji's financial situation which the depositers have to bear.

The first implication, he said, is that Tabung Haji cannot declare dividends.

"Those who are less wealthy and have savings with Tabung Haji, they have to wait longer for their savings to grow to be able to go to Mecca because there is no more profits on their savings.

"The bigger implication is that wealthy depositers would take out their savings from Tabung Haji because they don't profit from it anymore. This will put Tabung Haji's financial situation in a much worse condition," he said.

Next, Rafizi said, Tabung Haji has to record gains from a bigger operation to make up for past misappropriations that had alleged to have taken place(menutup penyelewengan).

"There are two ways they can increase the profit - either to cut the operation costs or to increase the price of the haj package."

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