Radzi: Bersatu won't replace Umno, it will be even better



Bersatu, which is scheduled to hold its second general assembly this weekend, is capable of becoming a more dominant party to represent the Malay and bumiputera, according to Mohd Radzi Md Jidin. 

The Bersatu information chief is confident that the party will be the preferred choice, compared with Umno and PAS, in championing the special rights of the Malays and bumiputera as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

"The Malays will look at us as a party that can continue to help them... the Malays see Bersatu as an alternative for them. 

"The current political dynamic shows many Malays are now ready to be with Bersatu," he told reporters today. 

Radzi, the deputy economic affairs minister, said this happened because many regarded Umno as no longer capable of playing the role.

Bersatu can do so, he added, because the party is with Pakatan Harapan in fighting corruption, as well as emphasising good governance and making Malaysia a successful country.

Radzi also said the previous government neglected such matters and was linked to various scandals, including those affecting Malay institutions, to the extent of eroding the people's trust.

"Bersatu will be a lot better than Umno. It's not to replace (Umno), we're going to be a lot better than what they have done," he added.

The second Bersatu general assembly this weekend, which will be attended by 1,550 delegates from 98 party divisions nationwide, will be the first for the party after Harapan assumed federal power. 

It will be held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre and will be opened by Prime Minister and Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahahthir Mohamad on Dec 29.

Apart from the agenda on bumiputera development, Radzi said, the issue of 'party-hopping' would be among topics to be debated by delegates.

He added that delegates would be free to discuss the matter in view of the current political dynamic, which saw many former Umno leaders and members wanting to join Bersatu.

These applications, he stressed, will be scrutinised by Bersatu to safeguard the party’s image and integrity.

- Bernama

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