PAS MP: 'Amanat Kit Siang' more dangerous than Amanat Hadi


PAS' Pasir Mas MP Fadhli Shaari has rapped DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang's criticism of "Amanat Hadi", claiming that what he dubbed as "Amanat Kit Siang" was more dangerous.

“Amanat Hadi” (Hadi's message) was a speech delivered by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang in 1985 wherein he described the party's political opponents as kafir and PAS' struggle against them as a jihad and its members would be martyred if they died in the struggle.

There is no parallel "Amanat Kit Siang" but Fadhli made reference to the Setapak declaration made by the DAP in 1967 which declared its opposition to dividing Malaysians along the lines of bumiputera and non-bumiputera citizens.

Fadhli also claimed that Lim had in 1969 declared his ambition for racial equality and that there will not be any difference between the bumiputera and non-bumiputera.

"To date, Lim had not withdrawn or denied the contents of his speech. It can be said that 'Amanat Kit Siang" was born much earlier than 'Amanat Hadi'.

"I am of the view that 'Amanat Kit Siang' is far more dangerous. With the DAP in power, little by little, 'Amanat Kit Siang' is being implemented," he said.

Fadhli also accused Lim of harping on “Amanat Hadi” out of fear towards the PAS president.

Yesterday, Lim had criticised PAS Youth chief Mohamad Khalil Abdul Hadi, who is Hadi's son, for advising Muslims against celebrating Christmas and refraining from wishing Christians "Merry Christmas" if it was unnecessary.

Lim had described this as toxic and likened it to “Amanat Hadi”.

However, Fadhli said Khalil's position was not new and he was merely echoing a religious edict issued by the National Fatwa Council.