International anti-graft fund named after Mahathir

The International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) today launched the Dr Mahahthir Mohamad Fund to help anti-graft officers who face risks in the line of duty.

The announcement was made by IAACA president Ali Fetais Al-Marri during his opening address at the 10th IAACA Annual Conference and General Meeting at the Vienna International Centre.

Al-Marri, who is also Qatar attorney-general, said the fund carried the name of the Malaysian prime minister in recognition of his efforts in fighting graft.

He added Qatar had agreed to start up the fund with 1 million Qatari riyal (RM1.14 million).

In Mahathir's own address, he said international cooperation is vital in combating corruption and crimes, due to porous borders where money can be easily moved from one country to another.

Malaysia, he added, experienced this when funds were transferred from 1MDB and laundered in the United States.

"We believe the IAACA is very important, because borders are now very porous. International cooperation also helps in reducing crimes,” he said in his keynote address at the assembly.

In his 40-minute speech, Mahathir said there were poor countries that could not become rich and develop accordingly because of corruption.

The prime minister said it was necessary that countries fight graft and make sure that their leaders were not corrupt.

- Bernama

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