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Yoursay: Harapan lost because they were second best

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YOURSAY | ‘But its problem in Cameron Highlands was not insurmountable.’

The clear messages from Cameron Highlands

David Dass: The choice of an Orang Asli candidate by BN was an inspired one.

That, combined with the grassroots approach of PAS, ensured the Malay and Orang Asli vote, although it is puzzling why the Malays would support a party that was responsible for all the nonsense that went on before May 9, 2018.

There were disconcerting reports of the Orang Asli being unaware of a change in government.

Pakatan Harapan also has to improve its machinery for elections. It has to choose the right candidate for each constituency. It must establish service centres for each constituency which are attended to by the MP concerned or would-be candidates.

The people must see a difference. Poverty eradication actions must be instituted immediately.

Harapan cannot engage with PAS anymore. The PAS agenda for hudud law and an Islamic state, where non-Muslims are not equal to Muslims and where non-Muslims cannot assume leadership positions, makes any kind of engagement impossible. PAS must be isolated.

Harapan should outline a plan that is visionary and will transform the nation. We have been on the path of the National Civics Bureau (BTN) and ‘ketuanan Melayu’ for so long that many Malays are threatened by the idea of a multiracial government.

It may take some time, but Harapan must demonstrate that their model will be better for the Malays and all Malaysians. Malays must be encouraged to see the positive value of our diversity.

The Wakandan: This has already been said, but Harapan lost simply because they were second best this time.

They had nothing to match the guile and experience of the BN-PAS combination in the election. They came in outwitted and outplayed.

Harapan’s problem in Cameron Highlands was not insurmountable. Though the odds were against them, given a proper election plan and strategy, they could have had better results, even if they lost this election.

As it is, they did not make any headway in PAS strongholds. PAS’ supporters seemed to be entrenched in PAS, which increased BN’s tally considerably.

One of the things I notice when it comes to rural constituencies is that the party that does not have close ties with the local populace and thus do not understand them will invariably lose.

In small constituencies, things are more personal. That’s why former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak scored in Cameron Highlands. He was their local son.

On the other hand, DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang was not the man here. Worse still, he should not have taken Najib head-on, vilifying him in the face of his local supporters.

He should have been cognisant of Malays’ mentality – a personal attack beyond what the law has done is an attack against the community.

He should have listened to the voice of those Malays who said Najib is on trial and will only be pronounced guilty after the court verdict. He should not have added any more to that.

Ian2003: While it is understandable that there is no permanent enemy in politics, courting PAS with their ideology may not be wise.

The better way would be to further educate the people to really think, and not just follow the dictates of some person, especially the religious fanatics.

Gordon: Malaysiakini contributor P Gunasegaram, your idea to bring PAS into Harapan is a non-starter. PAS will demand that DAP and Amanah be excluded, and its Private Member’s Bill, RUU355, included.

This may lead to PKR leaving as well (because the non-Malay members of PKR will oppose this). This idea will never work.

Kit P: Indeed, the history of the past three years shows that any "moderation" of PAS' demands will just be opportunistic politics, unless there is a real change in the mindset of the PAS leadership.

A totally unprincipled alliance will have more downsides than any upside.

Weijian: Gunaegaram, Harapan already knew they needed to galvanise the Malay vote.

That’s why they have delayed recognising the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), and also backtracked on ratifying the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) - it was all to pander to the Malay vote.

Pandering to the Malay vote (and Harapan can never do it as well as Umno/PAS) will only continue to let the current opposition rule by proxy.

Harapan should not be dancing to their tune but should carve its own path based on its promises in its election manifesto.

An open letter to the PM and ministers on ECRL

Anonymous: MCA president Wee Ka Siong has a lot of good points. Just cut out the political overtones and look at the bigger picture.

If the east coast grows - and it’s been growing quite well - why will it hurt the country? It will allow the rest of Malaysia to also benefit in the mid- to long-term.

The 14th general election is over, the culprits charged, and maybe more will be charged. There is no need to undo everything. Voters can be won over if the government makes the right moves.

Cameron Highlands is a lesson; the people are still talking and this conversation is not over. Hatred and revenge are not needed now, but we must rebuild the great economy Malaysia had and will be having.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Is MCA going to pay the RM100 billion debt for the next 30 years if this wasteful project goes ahead?

The liquidated damages clause is subject to arbitration if the parties cannot agree on the figure. The arbitration will also consider the terms and conditions of the underlying contract to see if there was any illegality or impropriety.

This project has minimum returns but maximum expenditure and exposure to a foreign government.

The so-called 1.5 percent growth to the east coast states would be marginal given their poor economic fundamentals, lack of human and natural resources, small markets and generally dismal financial management. The passenger and cargo load will also be limited.

I doubt China will retaliate because of its vested interests in the country and region. China's foreign policy objectives are geared to the long term. Any unfair treatment of Malaysia will only cause us to realign our political, economic and military interests in the direction of countries that are suspicious of China.

This project impinges on our sovereignty and independence. It should be cancelled. We do not want to end up like some African countries, Cambodia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka which are now indebted to China in perpetuity and have become virtual satellite states of China.

Speaking Sense: Now, if Wee had done his job in Najib’s cabinet and had the integrity and courage to stand up instead of nodding yes, yes in the corner, to make sure this project was properly assessed and tendered out, Malaysia would not be in this position.

As it is, Wee would do well to spare us his pompous self-righteous comments. We have already voted to rid ourselves of Wee and his MCA/Umno/BN nausea and, frankly, can’t stomach the same anymore.

So please, Wee, be true to your nature and just slide away into the grass.

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