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Yoursay: Racist? Yes, which is why we should ratify Icerd

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YOURSAY | ‘If you don’t want migrants, create laws to stop them from coming - not abuse them when they are here.’

'Racist' to say migrant workers prone to social ills, Penang CM told

Roger 520: Social activist Stanley Sudhagaran must be holistic and consistent in his criticism. Malaysia did not ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Icerd) to begin with, thanks to Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, PAS and Umno.

And it is now an offence to discriminate a tenant by race, but somehow legal when it comes to giving 10 percent discount and 100 percent quotas to Malays and bumiputera.

Ravinder: Stanley should first go and stay in a house or apartment where there are units used as migrant workers' hostels.

Only then will he be qualified to comment on this issue. It's easy to be an armchair critic. Go and live among them for a year before commenting.

Anonymous 1091741441796621: Dormitory for foreign workers with lifts, a food court, supermarket, mobile phone shop, internet services, prayer rooms, futsal court, gymnasium, volleyball and badminton courts and a sick bay.

Such good facilities, but still no human rights? Come on, have you seen how 40 to 50 foreign workers squeeze themselves in a normal terrace house?

Be realistic, anyone who has lived in a student dormitory will know that there are rules like curfew and alcohol ban, but they can still go out like usual and drink outside the premises. If this is called 'no human rights', then all student dormitories should be banned.

Badril: At the end of the day, Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow is sadly right. Despite how badly and inhumane conditions, these champions of human rights say these migrant workers are living in, the fact of the matter is that the migrant workers still have a far better life than in their own country.

Anonymous 820581439249394: You don't expect such remarks from an enlightened leader. Migrants have dignity just like you and I. If you do not want migrants, create laws to stop them from coming to Malaysia. But don’t abuse them when they are in your country.

Social ills are created by poor infrastructure. The support systems for these expatriates are perhaps ill-defined. Correct these.

YTMQ: Enough of Barack Obama's political correctness. Just look at the Nigerians in the country. The majority are engaged in drug trafficking and money laundering.

Western countries are getting choked with this progressive nonsense from Africans and Arabs. Obama fooled the Westerners with his grand speeches about progressiveness.

We don't need any of that nonsense here. We have our problems to deal with.

OMG!: Why do we need to have eight million migrant workers, both legal and illegal, in a population of maybe 22 million? That is like 30 percent of the population?

Look, if we pay a foreign worker RM1,000 a month for work that a Malaysian will only do for RM1,500, that means the employer saves RM500 monthly (assuming he also has to pay EPF, Socso and medical insurance for the foreign workers).

But the employer probably has to provide cheap housing and transport, pay for annual work permits, medical exams and visa renewals. And there is also the cost of sourcing the foreigners from overseas.

So his net 'profit' might be only RM250 each a month. Meanwhile, that foreigner repatriates RM800 of his pay back home every month since he is fed and housed by the boss. So, Malaysia only retains RM200 to contribute to the local economy.

The government also benefits from the visa fees, work permits, etc, it imposes, and former regime's ministers used to set up companies to recruit foreign labour, reaping big profits for themselves.

Meanwhile, eligible Malaysians lose employment opportunities just because the pay is too low. This whole vicious self-serving charade must stop now!

Just impose a deadline that employers must not recruit more than 10 percent foreigners by 2020 or something like that.

Free 142 children detained under Poca now, gov't told

Hafidz Baharom: Why are there kids being detained under the Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (Poca)?

Greenmoon: Kids? Some of these so-called kids are notoriously fierce and had committed murder or caused terrible body injuries to their victims. Gang members as young as 14 showed no mercy when attacking their victims.

So many innocent lives were lost due to their actions while committing robberies. Suaram is defending these kids while ignoring the suffering of the victims and their loved ones.

Maybe some of you do not understand the pain that the victims went through because you have not experienced the trauma.

Muruga: Mahathir said Israel shoots children and here we see even bigger hypocrisy, autocracy, and profiling and I hope it is not race-based. Release them immediately and honour the manifesto.

Semenyih, don't vote Harapan – for they are no different from BN.

Kahlil Gibran: The current home minister is useless. Where is the reform? The police department and the various acts of detaining people must be abolished.

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