Osman, show us your degree or quit - Johor Umno Youth


Johor Umno Youth has urged state Menteri Besar Osman Sapian to either prove that he has an actual degree or resign.

This follows allegations that Osman had lied about having an accounting degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

"We urge Osman to clear his name of these accusations by showing the original degree he received when studying with UPM.

"If he fails to show proof, then we demand that he admit to having betrayed and lied to the people of Johor, and he should resign as menteri besar immediately," Johor Umno Youth chief Johan Azam Mohd Yasin said in a statement today.

He said falsifying a degree is the act of a person without integrity.

The Johor government's website states that Osman has a degree and diploma in accounting from UPM. It does not state when these certificates were obtained.

Critics on social media, however, claim that there is no record of Osman having graduated from UPM.

They have supported their claim with a screenshot of the UPM website, which displays no results when Osman's name is searched.

However, the UPM website does not appear to contain a directory of its alumni.

When asked about the matter today, Osman merely responded with a smile.

Sinar Harian reported that UPM was checking its records to see if Osman was one of their graduates.