Yoursay: Najib, let trial begin so you can prove your innocence


Modified 10 Feb 2019, 2:22 am

YOURSAY | ‘Don’t do any more hanky-panky in the bid to delay the trial'.

Najib recharged with three counts of SRC money laundering

No Fear Nor Favour: A strategic move by the attorney-general to withdraw these three charges, instead of including them with the other charges which are to be heard on Feb 12 in the High Court.

There is no ground for the ‘big shot’ lawyer of former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak to manoeuvre and delay the trial.

The greatest show on earth will commence on Tuesday. Three cheers to the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Panorama123: Whatever the tactical and technical moves, just make sure the trial scheduled for Feb 12 commences. No more delays as we need immediate closure.

Not Convinced: Yes, no more delays. Najib, you have proclaimed your innocence. Now you are given the opportunity to have your day in court.

Don’t do any more hanky-panky in the bit to delay the trial.

Malaysian-United: And still no orange uniform. Pakatan Harapan is giving this alleged biggest criminal in the country too much face.

Najib's light-hearted and flamboyant attitude towards the authorities will be the Harapan government's own doing.

Apa Ini: Know any other Malaysian out on an RM6 million bail, who swans in and out of court on charge after charge and doesn't have to appear before the judges in orange?

Ace: Why are the police playing footsie with this man? A thief who stole RM300 would be handcuffed when brought to court. Why is Najib dressed in his finest suit?

Foreigners who do not know how he looks like will think that he is the lead counsel. For the seriousness of his alleged crimes, he should be handcuffed at his wrists, legs and neck!

Dont Just Talk: Make sure that Najib sits in the dock when charged in court since no one is above the law.

The 1MDB financial scandal is a crime against Malaysians and hopefully, justice will be served as soon as possible to see him probably serving time in the Sungai Buloh prison.

Truthseeker: Former AG Mohamed Apandi Ali must be called as a witness as he proclaimed Najib's innocence without any investigation.

Nik Abduh: Wrong person, I am not the one

Kawak: Don’t be too confident, PAS central committee member Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz; it is just an initial probe by MACC.

The statement you gave to MACC is merely a record of what you said on certain matters. It can be used against you once the facts are established. You may be called in on another date.

Anonymous_181: It looks like everybody is playing the 'don't know' game, but this one was all gung-ho. "Bring it on," he says, beating his chest.

I thought he will go in screaming and kicking and defending the party's honour. Not with all smiles and polish befitting a very successful person with lots of money to decorate himself.

By the way, how did you acquire this new lifestyle? I bet he left his driver at a coffee shop nearby. It sure gives meaning to poise and the corrupted.

Maybe, all his finery comes from a donation from a very rich Arab.

Ravinder: Where is the humility, the religiosity of these people driving around in luxury cars when there are so many people who do not have enough to eat, and no proper place to sleep?

If they are truly religious people, they should be living with the downtrodden and helping them to uplift themselves and not going about in style and luxury.

They are showing themselves to be hypocrites and abusing the name of God for personal purposes.

Anonymous_4b01265e: If you have no information regarding the RM90 million payment, why did you give a press conference as if you know everything and that everything is under control?

So, you admitted that you are a liar?

Gerard Lourdesamy: Good. Now the recording and your interview tape can be voice analysed to determine whether it is you or not.

This was the smoking gun that terrified PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to withdraw the suit against Sarawak Report.

Odysseus: It doesn't matter what he wants to tell MACC. I believe if there's a case against him, he will be charged.

Let's wait for the show to begin. I doubt MACC will even call them in if there's no case at all.

Ipohcrite: Nik Abduh is probably using the infamous VK Lingam defence – looks like me, sounds like me but it's not me.

MACC summons Nik Abduh, ex-PAS deputy president over 'RM90m'

Badril: What really is the crime in this episode? Can two political parties give money to each other?

Is there a ceiling over which it becomes a crime? Are there grounds that this money does not rightfully belong to Umno?

I mean there must be some better concrete reason for MACC to be investigating, else even after completing the investigation, the conclusion will be no law is broken.

Old Fella: Nik Abduh must act according to Islam. If what is written in the charge sheet is true, he should say so. He must plead guilty and go to prison.

The sentence will be more humane than under hudud. At least, his hands and legs will not be cut off.

The Wakandan: MACC is sniffing out their prey; they are coming out of the holes one by one. It is a sight to behold!

More importantly, it bursts the bubble that the so-called religious people can do no sin. Next time, if they should preach to us to do something in the name of God, maybe we should think twice.

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