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Yoursay: MCA finding breaking up with BN hard to do


YOURSAY | ‘No need for such back and forth as the party has already decided to dissolve BN.’

We can even meet tomorrow on BN dissolution, MCA tells Umno

Malaysian: So MCA president Wee Ka Siong wants to deny that BN has not held its supreme council meeting because his party is scared of journalists asking them about their motion to dissolve the coalition.

Wee, this is the height of political arrogance. Umno and MIC want BN to remain. If you think otherwise, then just take MCA out of BN. Why this sandiwara (drama)?

I'm no supporter of BN, just speaking on a matter of principle. MCA and the Chinese community have benefited much from the coalition. Not least with Tunku Abdul Rahman College, which has got more than a billion ringgit from the government since its inception in 1969.

So when Umno faces its first ever electoral defeat, you just dump the guy, walk away and speak arrogantly?

Gotcha: From the MCA central committee letter to the BN secretariat calling for the supreme council meeting to be convened, and Wee's statement here, it’s clear as daylight that their partners in Umno still have not learned from past mistakes.

What acting Umno president Mohamad Hasan said about MCA not wanting the supreme council meeting totally contradicts the above. Whether it is the truth or a lie – even an ordinary layperson will know the truth from the MCA letter.

Fff: Why is this coalition even still together? It’s clear that the members are not all that fond of each other. If they were, they’d be singing from the same hymn sheet.

I think all BN component parties, including the ones now in their own coalitions in Sabah and Sarawak, should be dissolved. Their assets and the allegedly stolen money used by these parties can be used to settle the national debt, for the recovery of the nation’s economy, and for the benefit of the people – especially the Bumiputera communities in both Peninsular and East Malaysia.

Phanga 1742: All BN parties should bungkus (close shop). Then all their assets should be transferred to a government consolidated fund to partially cover up the hole left by 1MDB.

Roger 5201: What is in it for MCA or MIC, when Umno has clearly gone down the ‘bangsa dan agama’ track with PAS?

Malaysian-United: Umno is asking MCA to leave BN. MCA is too chicken to do so. So it tries to look brave by asking Umno to dissolve BN. Umno is asking why they need to dissolve BN since it is the taikor (boss) of the coalition.

This wayang (theatrics) has been going on for far too long, just because MCA still needs Umno to survive. Umno knows this. That is why it treats MCA like dirt – it’s just that the latter has little pride and does not mind this treatment.

Ironically, this is exactly why the Chinese community have almost totally abandoned the party.

Anonymous_1548935682: If MCA and MIC are not around, and if Umno and PAS win big in the 15th general election, Malaysia could easily become a full-fledged Islamic state. The minority proxy Pakatan Harapan supporters will then suffer.

RR: We thought that BN was dissolved long ago!

The political arrogance of Mohamad Hasan

Fening_Lalat: Say whatever you like, Mohamad is no ordinary Umno leader. He has all the support he needs from the grassroots.

It is Harapan – particularly DAP – who are very arrogant now in the eyes of the Malays. As a result, Malays are very frustrated and have started to turn back to Umno. Rubbish the notion as much as you want, but wait until the 15th general election for the result.

We have full respect for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, but come GE15, he will no longer be in the picture. After all, certain quarters in Harapan cannot wait to get rid of him now.

It would only be Mohamad with his excellent track record in the eyes of the people of Negeri Sembilan versus the arrogant and chaotic government dominated by DAP in GE15 – and who do you think will be voted out of Putrajaya?

Anonymous_78ab6882: @Fening_Lalat DAP again? Despite the thievery and dishonesty of Umno almost bankrupting the country, why are you still blaming DAP?

People like you are the reason why Umno was able to steal billions, because they are confident that you will protect them. Umno used race and religion to rob the Malays as they bagged the cash for themselves, while the rest got crumbs.

AlGringo: Leopards can’t change their spots. Arrogance is Umno’s hallmark. Why else do you think BN is left with three component parties out of the original 13? It’s attributable to their insufferable dominance and arrogance.

They have been rejected by the people whom they failed to champion. Instead, they were deceptively self-serving instead of uplifting the poor Malays and Bumiputera, whilst blaming the non-Malays for stagnated progress.

They have exposed themselves as the true enemies of the Malays. Will the rakyat continue to condone their betrayal? Unlikely, as they have been deceived for far too long.

Mat Hasan: No BN meeting because MCA, MIC feared journos

Durian: Mohamad at least has my respect for being honest when he says that MCA and MIC are putting off holding the BN supreme council meeting. Just goes to show though what cowards the component parties are to be afraid of reporters’ questions.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Scared of journalists? Wow! This must be the first time in history that BN components are fearful of reporters.

During the reign of Umno-BN, it was journalists who were fearful of backlash if they asked too many uncomfortable questions. How times have changed, how the mighty have fallen.

Clever Voter: Umno wants to be the boss among the parties. This is possible only because they have access to near-endless resources and opportunities. MCA, that was humbled in last year’s general election, recognises that the end is near.

BN is nonetheless alive, and it won't be long before the spirits are revived and another new coalition is born.

RKR: Mohamad makes a pertinent point. If PAS is “adding value” to Umno, it means MCA and MIC are not.

Wira: The MCA leadership is bound by the resolution passed by its delegates in the annual general assembly. Wee cannot go against that wish.

Sama2 Rojak: It’s just a matter of time before Umno itself will say goodbye to MCA and MIC, and wholeheartedly embrace PAS as their partner with a common mission.

RK: Mohamad said: “They didn't want journalists from their newspapers asking about the resolution (to dissolve BN).” What does he mean by “their”? Isn’t that racist?

Anonymous_bb046530: Meeting or no meeting, BN will automatically dissolve itself over time.

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