Lower minimum age for senators, urges youth group


Federal Territories PKR Youth has urged the Pakatan Harapan leadership, especially those in the Dewan Negara reform committee, to lower the current minimum age limit of 30-years-old.

Division youth chief Na'im Brundage proposed the amendment in order for young people to have their voices heard in the Upper House.

"The motion to lower the voting age (to 18) which will be brought to Parliament means the Dewan Rakyat will be focusing more on forming policies and legislation related to the youth. The Dewan Negara must be prepared for this.

"We must not forget that the Dewan Negara legislates for all Malaysians, and not just for those above the age of 30," Na'im said in a statement today.

He noted that even the government has a minister under the age of 30, in an apparent reference to Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman who is 26.

"Reducing the minimum age requirement in the Dewan Negara is critical in ensuring that the formulation of policies can fulfil the aspirations and the needs of the new generation in the era of Malaysia Baru," he said.