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Yoursay: Harapan should not be distracted by Umno-PAS tie-up

YOURSAY | ‘Fix the economy and everything will start falling into place.’

Anwar reckons not all Malays will back Umno-PAS

Mohd Isnin: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, I agree with you 100 percent. Not all Malays will back an unethical party. Parties which rob, cheat, lie and spew racists remarks will be sidelined by morally upright Malays.

The most important thing is for Pakatan Harapan to showcase their integrity, reform agenda and show their concern for the well-being of the rakyat.

That would garner more support than simply spewing racist remarks while swindling the nation like what Umno and PAS are good at.

Dont Just Talk: Yes, not all Malays will back the tie-up between the Party Pencuri and Party Pembohong.

They are strong in rural areas where the Malays are more gullible but in cities and urban towns, the Malays are more informed and will support a clean government.

Do not press the panic mode yet and continue to strengthen Harapan.

Please stop party members from washing dirty linen in public, and honest voters would like to see an early trial to the Malu Apa Bossku’s criminal breach of trust (CBT) charges focusing on the SRC International case first instead of 1MDB, which will stop him from making a fool of the judiciary and the attorney-general.

KSN: True, Anwar. The educated and well-informed Malays will not support racists and religious fanatics.

Anwar, you have to explain that fact to the not-so-well-informed Malays, that is where Malaysia's future lies - including Malays - to have a nation of many races and religions to live in harmony. They will understand that reason for their own good and well-being.

Old Fella: Indeed, sensible Malays do not support blind adherence to scriptural rituals and polemics. They do not support cancerous corruption and criminal misappropriation by leaders.

Newday: I agree with Anwar. It still begs the question though - how do you get through to the 'other' side to swap votes from Umno and PAS to yours?

Better hurry up on education reform, get the ‘honest and open’ Islam message out constantly. All you have to do is back the message with some evidence that you are doing something and make sure you tell us about it.

At the moment, all we get are fragments of what Harapan is doing. Pick up your game. You are in charge, so be in charge.

Anonymous_671561ef: Harapan should rally progressive, hardworking and moderate Malays. These are the Malays who will bring Malaysia forward to build a prosperous and united nation that will keep up and adapt to the rapid changes in the digital and high-tech era.

The group with narrow racial and religious attitudes will be left behind.

Anonymous123123: I believe a significant portion of Malays will not support PAS' extremism in politics and religion. As such, Harapan does not have to worry so much about Umno and PAS tie-up.

Instead, Harapan should focus on reducing the country's high cost of living, improving the economy and focusing on jobs creation.

Kneazle: Just as Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign (in 1992) said, "It's the economy, stupid." Fix the economy and everything will start falling into place.

Anonymous_78ab6882: Excellent, Anwar. We need the Malays to feel a sense of belonging to Harapan who will safeguard their future as well as all other Malaysians.

Islam and other religions and their places of worship must be protected. Nobody must be left out. Please treat everybody with respect, so no more bad mouthing each other based on race and religion as we are all Malaysians and our future is interwoven.

However, all those who steal and rob the country must face the full weight of the law. Economic prosperity is paramount as our livelihood depends on it. I believe a new leadership under Anwar will deliver the results.

All races must come together to bring this country up. We need Harapan to take control and lead the way.

Sinan Belawan: Sabahans and Sarawakians, the majority of whom are very poor, do not matter. Anwar did not mention them.

He also has not been updated on the situation of the Indians. Majority of the poor Indians are in urban areas, not in estates as Anwar stated.

There are more Bangladeshis and Indonesians than Malaysian Indians working in the plantations.

Falcon: From the real vantage point and the composition of the power, both at state and federal levels, the army, the police, the civil service, the royal houses - there is absolutely no threat to Islam and upholding the Malay language, so why are politicians including you, continuing to politically abuse and spread fake news as if these are under attack?

I have yet to hear a politician speaking about the rights of our indigenous communities like our Orang Asli and Asal.

Perhaps, the Harapan government can initiate a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on the state of our indigenous communities today after over 60 years of independence and ask who actually stole their rights.

Kamikasi: Don't be overconfident. The two untrustworthy thieving parties are willing to do anything. Religion and race will be used to fool their followers. This country is going to the dogs.

Anonymous_1543386425: Anwar, you are right but please do not talk of the Malay and bumiputera agenda. Talk of an agenda for all Malaysians - Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula.

Be brave and move Malaysia forward based on need-based policies, not race-based policies. Uphold the Federal Constitution and soon a majority of Malays will support the Harapan government.

Let PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and gang leave to join the grand Malay coalition together with some from Bersatu.

Harapan can still win and form a coalition with parties from East Malaysia, which are not tainted by racist thinking.

Roger 5201: There is no need to take an extreme position when it comes to bangsa dan agama (race and religion). No one is challenging Malays and Islam in this country and certainly not DAP.

It is actually the potent combination of the racial and religious politics played up by PAS and Umno that is a threat to the social harmony of Malaysia Baru. 

Malaysians just want a "fair go".

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