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Yoursay: But Hadi, Muslims/Malays have never lost power

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YOURSAY | Why is it absolutely necessary for the country to be run by Muslims alone?

Umno-PAS union to enable Muslims to return to power – Hadi

Wira: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, the Muslims are already in power in this country. The PM and his deputy are Muslims. The king and sultans are Muslims.

Almost all pengarah (director-generals) in government service, including the heads of the armed forces and police are Muslims. The whole political structure and all state MBs and CMs, save one, are Muslims.

The only difference is they (Muslim leaders in Pakatan Harapan) agree to share some power with the non-Muslims. You and your partner in crime want to grab everything even to the extent that the total pie may shrink drastically if you do that.

David Dass: Here are the facts.

1. Chinese are 26% of the population. Indians are 7% of the population. Indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak, 12%. So 26% + 7%+ 12% = 45%. About 55% are Muslims.

2. MPs are elected from constituencies. Gerrymandering was done by Umno. Pack Chinese into as few constituencies as possible.

3. Indians are not the majority in any one constituency. So they can only be elected if Chinese and Malay voters also vote them in. Which is a great thing.

4. Allocation for East Malaysian states is higher because of their special status under the constitution. The MPs from Sabah and Sarawak were the vote bank for the BN until GE14.

5. There has been no democracy in Saudi Arabia for thousands of years. Rule was by conquest and then terror and fear. That continues till today. Ours is a constitutional democracy where all citizens are equal before the law and have one vote each upon attaining the age of 21 years.

6.. Non-Muslims along with Muslims have contributed and continue to contribute to the development of the country. Non-Malays pay tax.

7. All state governments, except Penang, are dominated by Muslims. All Malay rulers and all state governors are Malays. The civil service, the police, the armed forces and the judiciary are overwhelmingly Malay.

8. Islam is the religion of the Federation and receives substantial support from the government.

9. Article 153 of the constitution guarantees Malays special assistance.

10. The non-Muslims in government are working hard for the benefit of all Malaysians. As are the Muslims in government.

11. PAS record for economic development in the states they control has been dismal.

12. Our economic system is capitalist. We subscribe to the free market. Private enterprise keeps our economy moving and our people employed. The Chinese are entrepreneurial by culture and tradition. Their energy and enterprise are good for the nation.

13. Chinese and Indians did not come to Malaysia as a colonising force. Most came as a source of cheap labour to clear our forests and to build infrastructure and to establish the rubber and tea plantations. They earned their right to citizenship.

Conclusion - Malays need not fear being dominated by non-Muslims. The Malays are firmly in charge of the country. And Malays will never be left behind as the nation develops. It is the combined efforts of all races that will take us forward.

Quigonbond: I don’t know why PAS supporters continue to lap this up.

Why is it absolutely necessary for the country to be run by Muslims alone? Look what it did to Malaysia prior to GE14. Grand theft, supported by a shield of false religious piety.

I wager that they know they are going down soon for myriad reasons - internal revolt, corruption convictions, losing their Senate majority, etc - that it’s really scorched earth policy for them now as they’ve got nothing to lose.

If some hapless youth influenced by their dangerous rhetoric take things in his own hands, or Malaysia descends into a state of strife, these millionaires can always pack up and leave for their overseas properties.

All that Harapan needs to do is to really screw up less and continue to walk the middle path. No need for knee-jerk reaction, like Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali.

The key is Bersatu. You can take advantage of the apparent chaos and buttress your position as an ultra-Malay champion and ignore your other Harapan colleagues, or you can do the right thing by the voters who voted you into power and stay moderate.

I hope you make the right choice because voters have shown that while they abhor Umno-PAS, they would rather reject Harapan for failing to implement their manifesto.

Don’t try to catch the bird in the bush by throwing away the bird in hand.

The Way It Was: Hadi is the worst leader PAS ever had, he was MB for Terengganu for one term before the voters threw him out for his Taliban-style state government.

He is incompetent and narrow-minded, talking rubbish when he says the Muslims need to unite to regain power.

The Muslims are already in power, just not these corrupt and thieving crooks. Indeed, Muslims have never lost power.

StandbyTruth: Salam Haji Hadi and PAS friends. I am a Malay Muslim. Let me be frank.

You really have your analysis of the socio-politics of Malaysia wrong.

Since Merdeka, who actually held the levers of power? From Agong right down to pegawai daerah, 98% of the power has been under Malay/Muslims.

Who are the KSUs (government chief secretaries), menteris besar, mayors, vice-chancellors? Yet, the country is now in a mess. This alone is enough to show that the biggest problem in this country is not the non-Malay attempt to take control of the country.

The projected growth population of the non-Malays alone shows their number will shrink further, hence their political power. Your advisers did not tell you this?

Be bold enough to admit, the ones who have actually destroyed the Malays/Muslims are the ones who have been holding the 98% power for the last 60 years.

VP Biden: Instead of isolating themselves as demanded by Hadi, Muslims must strive to actively engage with their fellow Malaysians by being constructive members of the country.

Active participation in the nation’s progress and development is the strongest argument against the negative image of Islam being portrayed by PAS.

This can be achieved in part by living in accordance with the principles of democracy and the law of the state while freely practising their faith. This will assist Muslims in building a foundation for peaceful co-existence with others.

It is without a doubt what Hadi is propagating goes against the tenet of Islam. The prophet is known to have told his followers to lead a life of integrity and honesty and reject hypocrisy. 

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