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Yoursay: Kiandee, do the right thing and quit PAC chief’s post

YOURSAY | 'It’s unacceptable for Kiandee to stay on as PAC chief.'

Ronald to stay on as PAC chief despite joining Bersatu

Brave Malaysian: Former Umno Sabah MP Ronald Kiandee should resign as Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson.

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has again shown he does not care a hoot about the Pakatan Harapan manifesto.

It’s nothing to him because principles and promises mean nothing to him. Mahathir has to step aside if reforms are to take place.

Odysseus: Mahathir is beginning to sound ridiculous in not delivering on Harapan’s manifesto. This doesn't cost a single sen. Neither will it draw out racial or religious attacks. Yet, he simply ignores the promise.

Is he trying to make Harapan lose GE15?

My2cen: The rakyat need to play the game smartly. Mahathir is not Harapan, Harapan is not Mahathir.

Give all support to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim in the Rantau by-election (on April 13). With a strong win in Rantau, he will be in a better position to consolidate support and prepare for the eventual takeover.

And Anwar needs to know that the rakyat who placed him there can also replace him if he does U-turns like Mahathir's.

Hafidz Baharom: Eh? I thought the (PAC chief) position was supposed to be held by the opposition.

Unless of course, Mahathir wants to be in the opposition. Then, by all means, keep the seat.

Anonymous_1543386425: It’s time for coalition partners (of Bersatu) to act. Table a motion to appoint an Umno representative to be head of PAC.

Sugar Glider: Kiandee is not the man for the PAC. He even misunderstands his role: this role is not subservient to the prime minister. It is also not the PM’s prerogative on this appointment.

The PAC chair must go to the opposition.

Hello: Mahathir is going back on Harapan's words again. Saying that the PAC chief’s position being reserved for the opposition is "only policy and not institutionalised" - he said this about the Harapan manifesto too.

Welcome to the "New Malaysia", or is it "cakap tak serupa bikin"? Harapan, where is the consensus; the equality of parties in the coalition and the consultation?

Hannah Yeoh, Nurul Izzah insist PAC be helmed by opposition

Mb090518: This is exactly the type of leaders Malaysia needs. Those who are really committed to reform and stand by their principles.

I highly laud the efforts made by Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh and Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah Anwar. Both are great leaders who are committed and serious in their efforts to make Malaysia prosper as a democracy.

Meanwhile, Kiandee should do the right thing and step down. It would be a total disappointment for him not to do so, as he is now part of Harapan.

At the same time, Mahathir should seriously consider this matter, as it is unacceptable for Kiandee to stay on as PAC chairperson given that it would be a total breach of what Harapan stands for.

Darmakochi: Sorry, I beg to disagree on this issue. People on the other side (the opposition) are not mature enough to take that role. Possibly, they will abuse the position for their own ends.

We need a lot of gradual changes in the political outlook of everyone in the ruling and opposition coalitions.

First, they have to learn to speak like gentlemen and put across their views in a polite and mature way with a proper argument. Until then, I agree with the prime minister.

Fair Play: Please, please, ladies. What is important is the substance, not the form or rigidity. At the present time, we only have Mickey Mouse in the opposition.

Jeez: This is typical behaviour of Mahathir if you were to look back on how he was in the old days when Umno was under him.

And because of him compromising various institutional checks and balances and bending the rules to suit himself, that's how we landed in today's dire situation as a nation.

Although he has done some good after GE14, it is just not good enough. After all, he was the cause of it all, wasn't he?

By now, seeing how things are shaping up under Mahathir, we should know we cannot count on him to really bring much progressive change to the country. I fear for the future of the next few generations.

Anonymous_5a309591: My beloved Mahathir, please do the needful. We love you so much and we don’t want people to speak badly about you. You are a great man and we want to remember you for it.

Anonymous_1543386425: Draw the red line. Whenever Mahathir crosses it, take him to the task! This is the way to make a man who had absolute authority understand that his powers came from a coalition of equal partners, rather than a coalition that is equal only when he has use of it.

If the government has to dissolve, so be it.

Non-Evader: Great! The women lead the way in speaking up to Mahathir. Where are the men? Thinking about your rice bowls? Your positions?

Or looking for hints if it will anger the supreme leaders, the majority of the population, and hence don't even dare to speak a shred of truth?

And Justice for Truth: Indeed, Parliament should not just be a rubber stamp for the prime minister and the government of the day. Its role should be as a form of check and balance.

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