Yoursay: Adib inquest - let the truth, not our prejudice, prevail


Modified 25 Mar 2019, 2:14 am

YOURSAY | 'Maybe politicians, both ruling and opposition, will learn to finally have some shame.'

Medical expert: Adib's injuries more likely due to being hit by vehicle

Anonymous_1527925538: If not for attorney-general Tommy Thomas exercising his power to call for a coroner's inquest into firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim's death, where the public can hear for themselves the findings of doctors and forensic experts, many would have fallen for the wild spinning of lies and hearsays by some to shift attention away from their own culpability in the incident.

Much more despicable were those who fanned it for their own political purposes, disregarding the peace and unity of this country.

The medical and forensic experts all say that Adib's injuries were not consistent with assault injuries.

Also, the only witness (air conditioning technician Budd Mohsin, who is a Pakistani national) who actually saw with his own eyes what happened that night said a firefighter was injured by a reversing Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) van, squeezing him between it and a car.

So to me, it’s quite clear that at least the assault by mob theory can no longer hold. Those who made up and fanned the 'assault' story should face up to the facts and stop imagining things.

Mohd Isnin: As much as I am sorry for Adib, I also feel sorry for the temple worshippers who were unfairly accused by certain quarters.

Let the incident, which left one dead, be a lesson to all those shameless political opportunists who used it as a means to drum up support for themselves. 

Actually, they were not concerned about Adib but were merely using him as a tool to pursue their own interests. Truly shameless indeed.

The Fire and Rescue Department chief Mohammad Hamdan Wahid should be held responsible for his careless remarks in blaming the worshippers for assaulting Adib.

Bamboo: Umno and PAS have lost some political capital with the medical forensics specialist Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi's testimony.

I also don’t see the purpose of the inquest, as the forensic finding itself has conclusively ruled out Adib's death was caused by mob beating.

Science doesn’t lie. Human testimonies, however, can be fabricated.

Dramatis Personae: Maybe politicians, both in the ruling and opposition parties, will learn to finally have some shame and stop politicising the unfortunate demise of a young hero. But who am I kidding?

Bluemountains: After hearing from the forensic expert, it is quite obvious what the result of the inquest is going to be.

Prior to this, former minister Nazri Abdul Aziz had allegedly accused the AG of not charging four people allegedly involved in the temple incident because they have the same skin colour.

The AG must not let this racist get away scot-free and an appropriate custodial sentence is needed to warn others not to purposely create racial discord for political gains.

Retnam: There are eight more witnesses. Wait for more twists and turns. And surprises.

Roar For Truth: Yes, let the truth prevail. The greatest dishonour is to associate Adib's name to a lie to incriminate the innocent.

If it is an accident, so be it that his precious life was lost to an accident but when innocent lives are jailed for a lie, it will be more tragic. Let the truth prevail.

Firefighter pinned between EMRS van and car, says witness

The Wakandan: Unlike witness Mohsin, who saw Adib being pinned by two vehicles, the others merely said they assumed and then made personal conclusions - and thus impute accusation against the innocents.

Even if the inquest finding exonerates the Indians as purportedly accused, the damage was already done.

Now emotion has cooled somewhat, the inquest would only render it academic unless the perpetrators of gossip and slander be charged.

Gaji Buta: A wonderful day as the most logical explanation by an eyewitness has come forth.

At the same time, a sad day knowing I might be living in the midst of bigots and liars, that it takes a foreign uncorrupted mind to bring forth the truth.

Oscar Kilo: It was a most unfortunate sequence of events, triggered by the angry mob that attacked the Bomba vehicles.

So, although the mob might not have killed the firefighter, they started the chain of events that led to Adib’s death.

FRU didn't respond to attack on trucks due to 'standby' order

Plato: It is just like how on the first day, when the hired thugs entered the temple premises, nothing was done by the police until much later when the Federal Reserve Unit only went to premises around 6am.

Something is not right here and I hope there is no cover-up by any agency to create animosity towards the new government.

Roger 5201: What good are FRU men on standby at the site? Are they not supposed to maintain peace and order?

If their role was to record and report the incident, did they not witness this highly significant 'accident'?

Anonymous_7febc442: I think they took the word 'standby' a bit too literally. They literally stood by...

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