Women's ministry to have fewer events, more policies for the people



The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has been taking steps to reduce the organising of events, while increasing the number of policies that will benefit the people, said its minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

“The ministry wishes to change from using its resources to organise big events to making policies that will have a direct impact on the targeted group,” she said.

As such, Wan Azizah who is also deputy prime minister, said the organising of big events like the national-level Women’s Day, People with Disabilities’ (OKU) Day, Senior Citizen’s Day and also Children’s Day celebrations, which were usually held every year, would be translated into actions and operations that have positive impact on the people.

“This will save cost and government resources, which could be channelled to more deserving segments,” she said in a statement here today.

Wan Azizah said the ministry's focus now is more on increasing policy considerations, updating and improving the weaknesses of existing legislation.

This includes restructuring the Early Childhood Care and Education programme, developing the electronic Child Registry system, enacting the Sexual Harassment Act, expanding the implementation of i-Suri and addressing the issue of child marriage in a holistic manner.

Also, giving more allocation for the awareness campaign to tackle social issues, achieving the one percent OKU Policy the public sector, improving OKU accessibility and reducing the statistics of the homeless by matching them with jobs through ministry agencies, she said.

“The ministry wants to focus and put its limited manpower and financial resources into optimal use in a bid to rebuild the country and uplift the status of the New Malaysia in line with the people’s aspiration,” she added.


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